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Too Good To Be True, Breitling

Breitling watches are really superior timepieces.  They are crafted by master watch makers, and are respected as professional instruments.  These watches are all Swiss made and true quality pieces.  If you are a watch enthusiast, of any kind, you already know all this about Breitling.  Breitling’s are stylish, but the attention centers, mostly around performance.  If you want to own a Breitling watch, you probably bought it with a bit of both in mind, but you certainly wouldn’t ignore function, over form.  So, why are there so many Breitling replicas for sale?  If you are to Google Breitling, you will bring up a page with 1 legit dealer, and 30 replica ones.  Obviously, there is a market for these knock-offs, but I’m here to remind you that Breitling is so much more than a look.  The Company takes their business and their craft very seriously, and while they do have a signature style, they are also authentically well made.  These watches are crafted with exceptional attention to detail and made with the finest materials.  You can’t pick up a Breitling professional instrument for $39.99.  You can’t duplicate that kind of craftsmanship in that way.  Save your pennies and get the real deal…today, and in 30 years you’ll be glad you did.

TAG Heuer Watches, What Are You Waiting For?

TAG Heuer Has The Perfect Watch For You

I don’t believe there is a watchmaker out there more famous and well received than TAG Heuer.  This company has built a strong brand name, and we feel secure in the knowledge that we are getting a high end, quality watch when we choose a TAG Heuer.  Their sport watches are amazing and so stylish.  Hey, I know you guys think about style, even though you try and hide it.  Of course, you want performance, as well…but isn’t it nice to be able to have your cake and eat it too?  TH watches give you that, and more.  Their sport watches cannot be out-performed, and they look great.  The Formula One models offer a timepiece appropriate for any occasion.  Whether you need a bold and manly watch for the boardroom, or a strong and sporty one for the course…TH has you covered.  They have collections which are perfect for golfing, sailing, or fast driving.  These creations come in a wide range of materials, from stainless-steel, Titanium, and durable rubber…so, what are you waiting for?  TH features watches with Swiss Quartz movements, as well as automatic mechanicals, chronometers, and they’re always loved, chronographs.  No need to look any further for a sport luxury line you can count on…you’ve found it in TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer Formula One, Black and White

TAG Heuer Edgy New Black & White Formula One

The innovators at TAG Heuer have made great strides in the world of timekeeping, with the invention of marvelously creative chronographs.  TAG’s reputation in this field is unmatched and unrivaled.  Their chronographs are, quite simply the best in the world.  One of the finest designed chronographs they offer comes in the form of the Formula One Collection.  The Formula One watches are styled after Formula 1 racing and the instrument panels these vehicles sport.  The look is high performance, and so is the functioning.  The TAG Heuer Formula One Men’s Watch model WAH1100-BT0717 shows off this styling, beautifully.  This is a Swiss Quartz, battery run watch, making it lightweight and comfortable.  The brilliant white dial is superbly accented by deep black indexes, hands, and arms.  Big and bold numbers mark the quarter hours, and the sub dial is presented in a contrasting black.  The look is sharp and easy to read.  The TAG Heuer Formula One is equipped with the trademark unidirectional bezel in black with white numbering.  The case elements are steel, with a polished finish, and the watch is matched with a sturdy rubber strap, which features a fold over clasp, for safety.  TAG Heuer Formula One Men’s watch is edgy and fresh.

Tag Heuer, On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

Tag Heuer Formula 1, Red Hot

Let’s get off to a fast start by racing over to Tag Heuer.  The Tag Heuer name is synonymous with sport watches, and for good reason.  Tag Heuer has created a highly successful watch line around the principles of performance.  Exceptional quality and futuristic innovation make up these watches.  They do the hard work…we reap the benefits.  The Tag Heuer Formula 1 Men’s watch is revved up and ready to race.  This extremely cool and sporty men’s watch will catch your eye, but let’s see what’s under the hood first.  The WAh1112.BT0714 Formula 1 Men’s Watch by Tag Heuer is one of the company’s newer chronographs.  Born from collaboration between Formula 1 Champion, Fernando Alonso and the Tag Heuer designers, this watch has extreme style and functionality.  The chronographic functions of this watch are for minutes, seconds, and 1/10th of seconds.  This is a watch water resistant to 200 meters, and features a crystal made from hard scratch resistant sapphire glass.  The bezel is crafted of titanium carbide and is also scratch resistant.  The dial is a racing red, with silver hands, arms, and sub dials.  The face is encircled by a jet black ring, and this is all set on a brushed stainless-steel bracelet.  Quite a striking men’s watch!

Omega Watches, Beautiful And Elegant

Omega Watches Lovely De Ville Line

Omega produces a prestigious line of watches.  Omega watches have traveled to the moon and to the deepest depths of the ocean.  They have timed the Olympic Games for 20 years, but Omega’s true accomplishments can be admired by you and I any day of the week.  Omega has some wonderful collections, like the ladies De Ville.  One of my picks in this series is the De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph.  The 422. Women’s watch by Omega is a real work of art.  The look is completely stylish and unique, but let’s check out the brains first.  This is a self-winding chronograph and a certified chronometer.  The Co-Axial name refers to the mechanics that create greater performance and precision.  This women’s watch is equipped with a sweeping small second hand, hour hand, and minute hand, with a chronograph hand, centrally located.  The De Ville features a 52 hour power reserve. 

Now, the beauty.  This Omega watch is a lovely design, with a rich brown dial surrounded by a beautiful 18 carat rose gold case.  The dial is lit up by some brilliant round-cut diamonds, and the watch face is matched with a luxurious brown alligator leather strap.  This is a fantastic Omega watch!