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Tissot, A Name You Can Trust

Tissot, A Quality Brand

If excellence and quality are what you’re searching for, Tissot is the place to look.  Tissot’s Swiss precision quality is known worldwide.  The accuracy of their timepieces is what makes Tissot a force to deal with in the watchmaking industry.  Tissot stands behind their products, offering a full two year warranty on any item purchased from an authorized Tissot dealer.  The use of strong, durable materials, such as Titanium, PVD, stainless-steel, and 18 carat gold ensure the long life of these watches.  The inner workings of these Swiss made marvels, and the innovative technology that Tissot has developed over the years, ensure that a Tissot timepiece will tick on and on.  Down to the tiniest detail, Tissot tests their products for strength and durability.  The leather straps are tested to make certain no color transfer takes place under wet conditions.  The strength of the stainless-steel and PVD bracelets are checked under stressful conditions.  Even the movements are put through strenuous tests and must be able to withstand up to 10,000 oscillations without incident.  When all the testing is over, and the final timepiece is produced…you can rest assured that the end result will be excellent!  The care that Tissot takes in designing and crafting their watches give me confidence in their brand.  Discover Tissot, today.