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Romain Jerome Makes Watch for Sci-Fi’s

Romain Jerome has created a watch that will make any sci-fi lover squeal with delight. Named the “Spacecraft,” this watch will make you think Star Wars. Specifically Darth Vader. Spacecraft is a watch that screams vintage futuristic all at once, which is very hard to accomplish.


Spacecraft is a titanium watch that is coated with PVD.  It focuses on hard angles and flat lines to give it that space – feel. It is run with a self-winding movement that has so many different motions to it, it has yet to been seen. With retrograde hours, the watch moves laterally, linearly and even jumps! Why does it need so many movements? Because of the way the watch is ready. Spacecraft is not going to be a watch for someone who wants to-the-second accurate time. Jerome notes this himself. It is meant for style.


To tell the time on Spacecraft, you must first look at the side of the watch where the hours are located. The correct hour will be red, caused by a spring-driven carriage. Then go to the watch face where the minutes are located. It may be a little hectic, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t think twice about reading the watch. The entire watch was hand pieced and tied together with a black mesh strap.


If you are a fan of unique watches, or a Star Wars, space lover, Spacecraft is definitely the watch for you. It is going to be an extremely rare watch, however, with only ninety-nine created. The cost definitely mirrors the high craftsmanship at $33,400. But if you can afford it, this will be a piece everyone will constantly talk about. Tell time with style.


Written by: Stacy McCullough



TAG Heuer, Keeping Time Fashionable

TAG Heuer Stop Watch

TAG Heuer, makers of fine luxury sport watches is celebrating their 150 years of innovation in 2010.  The tribute to these precious years…a stopwatch.  The TAG Heuer Limited Edition Vintage Stop Watch will commemorate the art of timekeeping.  With roots, deep in the fast- paced world of Formula 1 racing, TAG Heuer saw it a fitting mark of respect to release this “back to basics” stop watch.  I think so, too.  It’s simple and to the point.  The 2010 Vintage Stop Watch measures time to within 1/5th of a second, and is mechanical.  TAG Heuer has come light years since the introduction of their first chronograph, but this throw back is iconic.  You may not know this, but back in 1962 astronaut John Glenn took the Heuer stop watch into space.  Wearing the TAG Heuer Stop Watch as he piloted the Mercury-Atlas Spacecraft.  Now, this years model may not take another space voyage, but it will still measure time with twelve hour capability, and to a 1/5 second accuracy.  The dial displays the TAG Heuer logo, and is white with red markers.  This is all Swiss made, and is crafted in diamond-polished, chromium-plated brass.  Like I said, this is a limited edition model, so get yours soon!  TAG Heuer Vintage Stop Watch, don’t miss out.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Carbon Fiber Mens Watches

Bell & Ross seems to be coming out with a lot of limited edition watches recently. These new additions, part of the popular BR Collection, are made from carbon fiber and are sports watches. Called BR 01 Carbon Fiber watches, there are two models: one features a three-counter automatic chronograph with date (BR 01-94) and the other, the BR 01-92 model, has a simple time display and sweep center seconds. Both are limited to 500 pieces.

To get inspiration for this sub collection, Bell & Ross looked to materials used in the aeronautical industry. The cases measure 46mm and are made completely from carbon fiber, as is the bezel and the edges. The dial is made from this same material and gives off a visual effect of the case and the dial being one piece. The strap is also made from carbon, this time woven and finished with a semi-gloss that is to the wearer’s wrist with a thick blackened tang buckle featuring the  Bell & Ross “BR” insignia. As with other Bell & Ross watches, the strap can be interchanged with others, which include a variety of options made from calf leather, alligator, or canvas.

Both of these carbon fiber chronograph models run on automatic ETA 2894  movements which offer a offers a rapidly adjustable date function, in addition to small seconds and a chronograph with 12-hour and 30-minute totalizers. The ETA 2894 has been used in many BR watches and “features a convenient hacking seconds function for precise synchronization to a time signal, or another watch.” Both models have a power reserve of 42 hours and are water resistant to 100 meters.

And of course, as with all BR watches, the design of these two limited edition carbon fiber ones is sporty, professional and very cool.  They are very much a man’s watch.

New Limited Edition Breitling Chrono-Matic QP & 1461

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the launch of the first self-winding chronograph Breitling is releasing two, limited edition versions of its Chrono-Matic watch, one called the QP and the other called the 1461.

The QP will be released in 125 pieces while the 1461 will be more widely available in a total of 2,000 pieces.  The latter, the 1461, is named after the fact that is features a chronograph and a calendar complication that needs only one adjustment per leap year resulting in a memory of 1,461 days. The QP features a perpetual calendar, made of 500 parts, which beautifully displays the date, day, week, month, season, and moon phase.

The look of both of these versions is inspired by the original Chronomat which came out in 1969.

1969 was a big year for both the aviation and watchmaking industries. Both the first flight of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet and that of the supersonic Concorde took place and Breitling created the first self-winding chronograph movement. This invention led to the launch of many collections of men’s watches. Breitling has always made watches specifically for aviation pilots which is why the company’s motto is “instruments for professionals.”

Both the Breitling Chrono-Matic QP and 1461 measure a hefty 49 mm in diameter and feature a circular slide ruler that is also seen in the Navitimer line. Both are water resistant to 30 meters and have a power reserve of 42 hours.

The overall design of both versions takes inspirations from the 70’s but each watch is very different looking than the other. The Chrono-Matic QP is crafted from red gold and comes with a black rubber strap, while the Chrono-Matic 1461 (as pictured in the second image) is made from all steel, including the woven steel Aero Classic bracelet, which gives the watch a retro look.

Limited Edition Tissot Watches

Founded by a father and son team in 1853, Tissot introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch during that same year. Tissot has steadily maintained their reputation as one of the most leading-edge watchmakers in the world, being the first company to make watches out of plastic, wood, rock and mother-of-pearl.

Tissot is always on the leading edge of technology and innovation. From sporty watches like the popular T-Touch collection to more elegant timepieces like the men’s Quadrato Chronograph and the racy PRC 100 Dainca Patrick Limited Edition watches, Tissot is always on point.

2009 is proving to be a good year for Tissot. They have launched a series of hot, new ads featuring brand spokeswoman Danica Patrick, a new Sea T-Touch watch and upgrading already successful designs. Take the recently released Limited Edition Heritage 2009 designs for example.

There are two versions within this new Heritage edition: an 18K rose gold model of which only 333 watches were produced and a stainless steel model of which 3,333 pieces were manufactured.

These new Limited Edition Heritage watches take their inspiration from the 1940’s. They are classically designed and matched with a brown crocodile strap; both versions are rich in elegance, especially the rose gold one. A 38mm face, set on a black dial, shows intricate gold markings; the even numbers are boldly marked.

Both versions are chronometers and were tested over many days, in many positions and within varying temperatures to make sure they can withstand the standards of quality that Tissot watches promise.

With these new Limited Edition Heritage watches, Tissot’s motto of “innovators by tradition” has added two more collectible timepieces to the world of luxury watches.