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Watches, An Individual Choice

So Many Watches To Choose From

What are your favorite watches?  What is it you even look for in a watch?  Some of us want sleek and sophisticated models, some more fun and colorful versions.  Whatever your taste, watch choices are endless.  You may look at the Cartier Tank and fall in love.  The Tank by Cartier has been one of their trademark pieces for decades.  The lines of this watch are stylish and clean.  The Tank can be all shiny stainless-steel, 18 carat gold, or embellished with luxurious, sparkling diamonds…your choice.  Maybe instead of the classic like Cartier, you prefer a more fashion forward brand, like Michele watches.  These lovely timepieces feature interchangeable bracelets for most of their watch faces, allowing you to dream up your own creation!  Some Michele watches are vibrantly colored, with hues of pink, green, yellow, and turquoise blue.  Other women’s watches by Michele are more subdued, accenting style with steel and gold models.  Modern and sophisticated, or trendy and playful…Michele watches may be for you.  Or, you may just be a sportier gal and be drawn to brands like Tissot.  Tissot makes really high quality Swiss timepieces, and are famous for that.  Watches are as individual as you are, and the fit should be right.  Good luck finding your perfect mate.