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Lacoste – Love Your Watch and Help A Cause

Lacoste was the first company to embroider a logo on its clothing.

A change like this in the industry definitely made a mark on compositions of brands and especially on how Lacoste itself was affected from the very beginning.

This little alligator, which represents Lacoste, is marked on all of Rene Lacoste’s merchandise within the designer’s collection.

If you’re looking for something different from all things else on the market, look to this brand to make that difference in how you wear the things you do.

The Lacoste watches are unique in their creative design and the colors and textures used to make them. The person sporting this brand will represent a sense of joy and comfort in how they look and act when wearing their watch. Whether this individual is getting ready to head into the office, enjoy some good company, or go throw the ball around, no matter what occasion, a Lacoste watch is fitting.

The unique and exceptional designs make this brand stand out all together.

Some watches use the inspiration of an American flag in their design, while others imitate the skin of an alligator in their patterns on the bands of the watch and in the face of the watch as well. You can match it to any outfit you have on that day or make it comfortable to wear in any occasion you head off to.

The Goa watch “is a bold statement extra to awaken any outfit” and includes a plastic blue case with the purchase of the watch. It’s fun, colorful, and is meant to be worn anywhere if you’re willing to be fashionable.


The Sienna watch has a very unique design as Lacoste has “interlaced the bracelet with the watch” to make it look like more than just a watch. It’s a twist on the jewelry aspect, making this watch fun to wear with any outfit.

The women’s Rio watch is an “elegant yet sporty timepiece” which is “fresh for Spring featuring a white silicone strap”.

Both men and women can find a watch that they will love to wear every day and will never want to leave the house without.

An excellent feature is that these watches are waterproof, making them that much more efficient to wear and not have to take off every time you come in contact with water.

It’s a must to love what you wear and how you feel wearing it. Support the alligators and buy a Lacoste watch, because “Today, through Save Your Logo, Lacoste contributes to the protection of biodiversity on the planet in its commitment to saving crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and gharials”.

Lacoste Biarritz Rose Women’s Watch

That little green crocodile has become an internationally recognized logo for polo shirts, making the Lacoste brand one of the top selling ever. Started by Frenchman Rene Lacoste in 1927 the now iconic crocodile logo was based on the nickname the “Alligator” given to Lacoste, who was at that time a professional tennis player for France. In 1933, the alligator became a brand and was printed on shirts, making it the first time that a brand logo was printed on the outside of a garment (versus the inside), an idea which has over the years become a top marketing method.

Although so familiar on a shirt, how often have you seen the little green guy on a watch? Lacoste makes men’s watches and women’s luxury watches; in fact the women’s collection is more substantial than the men’s. For women there are three collections: the Club, Sportswear, and Sport. For men, there are two: the Club and Sport.

The watch profiled here and as seen in the picture is the Biarritz Rose women’s watch from the Sport collection. Named after a luxurious seaside town in the south of France, this watch is luxurious but refined.

The Biarritz Rose comes with a rose gold-toned stainless steel case and bezel and a two-toned white dial with mother-of-pearl center with the famous crocodile sitting at 12 o’clock. The bezel also has the name Lacoste engraved in large letters around it. The white dial and soft, white leather strap reflect the tennis origins of Lacoste himself. Although a sports watch, the crystals and slightly luminescent mother of pearl dial add a touch of sophistication to it.

This watch comes in other colors including ones with pretty white and red or white and green straps and if the green of the croc is too much, he also comes in a muted grey that blends in with the color of the dial.