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Movado, Artistic Creations

Movado And Scharf, Artistic Creations

If you haven’t seen the Kenny Scharf’s collection for Movado, your eyes are in for a treat. Kenny has been able to take his graphic artistic style and translate it into some amazing timepieces.  The Kenny Scharf collection is made up of 6 unique and funky works from the artist.  His brilliantly colorful designs depict different scenes from Kenny’s mind.  There is a purple and blue creation, which looks like thick, bubbly splashes of paint, called Blurple time.  One face features a ferocious flying dragon, maybe ferocious is too strong a word (he is smiling).  This Kenny Scharf Movado watch is named Time Flies.  Yet another of Kenny’s designs is of a one-eyed, laughing planet floating in space.  The faces on these timepieces are vivid, and imaginative.  Movado has always had great respect for artisans of all kinds.  They have shown their support of the arts in many different and varying ways, none more lively than this collection.  The Kenny Scharf Artist’s Series by Movado is specialized and in limited edition.  Only 125 of each of these unique creations will be produced.  Each will be signed and come with two interchangeable straps.  Get to know the artist, get to know Movado.