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Movado, Bela is Lovely

Movado's Beautiful Watches

In recent years Movado, like many other watch makers have had to step up their game.  The rough economy has taken a toll on sales for all, and Movado took notice.  The Swiss watch maker is smart and savvy.  They have never over priced their watches, and that is a plus when money is tight.  Movado offers beautiful watches and jewelry, creatively designed, at affordable prices.  Along with their main collections, Movado has been busy developing new products, which take their styling in some different and quite interesting directions.  They now offer us designs with elaborately displayed dials, and larger, bolder watches.  Movado has broadened their scope artistically, to keep up with the times.  Never trendy, Movado remains the solid, quality watch maker they have always been, they just added a bit of flare to their mainly minimalistic creations, but I have to say that I still love the classic Movado.  The Belamoda 606263 is a beautiful and graceful design by Movado.  It has a delicate round dial, which is mimicked throughout the bracelet.  This version is in a polished stainless-steel, and tastefully adorned with sparkling diamonds.  It’s a Quartz model, with the traditional black Museum face, and it’s elegant.  Movado…no bad choices!

Raymond Weil Makes Diamonds Shine

Raymond Weil Shine Women's Watch

Raymond Weil’s Shine collection combines luxury and femininity, to produce the most beautiful women’s watches.  This watchmaker has gone above and beyond, in creating the Shine timepieces.  Artistic design and high quality materials are just two of the elements which make the Shine collection stand out.  The 1500-ST3-05383 is a highly polished stainless-steel watch, with an architecturally rectangular dial.  The dial is designed with four large, diamond set numbers, indicative of the quarter hour marks.  The dial on this women’s watch is beautifully finished in luxurious Mother-of-Pearl. The bezel is solid steel, as well and is accented by a set of diamonds at the top and bottom.  The bracelet is a lovely combination of stainless-steel and shantung satin, and is fitted with a folding clasp and a double push system for security.  This women’s timepiece by Raymond Weil is a Quartz movement and lightweight.  The delicate features of this watch, along with the artistic details make it an appealing choice.  The creators of these timepieces are master craftsmen, and this Shine model is a wonderful demonstration of the Raymond Weil technique.  It is a glamorous watch, with a jewelry feel.  The fit is like a well crafted diamond bracelet.  As with all Raymond Weil watches, this one is made by quality crafters, and offers style and elegance.

A Luxury Watch for Women

Watches made by the German luxury brand A Lange & Sohne are definitely luxurious and definitely exclusive. All Sohne watches are made from gold or platinum, none from steel. Due to their exclusivity and price range, these watches command attention, especially their women’s luxury watches.

The new Cabaret Soirée women’s timepieces are a perfect example of what Sohne is capable of. They are delicate, measuring 26.5mm wide by 36.3mm tall, and come in 18k white gold cases with 70 diamonds (.9 carats) surrounding the bezel. The dials are lined with solid silver and come with gold coated hands.

There are two versions of this watch, each limited to only ten pieces each. One comes with a baby blue mother of pearl dial and matching light blue crocodile strap and the other comes with a pink, “rose colored” dial and matching band.

Aside from total luxury, another feature that A. Lange & Sohne applies to all its watches is that they all have in-house movements, something not common among watch manufacturers anymore. These new additions to the Cabaret Soirée line, come with the Calibre L931.4, a manually wound mechanical movement that has 237 parts and a power reserve of 42 hours.

Sometimes when a watch brand seeks to create women’s luxury watches, the actual function of the watch comes second to the aesthetic, but Sohne is careful not to do this. After all, commanding the prices that they do, the wearer must be able to easily tell the time and look glamorous.

Due to the diamonds and mother of pearl dials, these watches are most definitely jewelry watches as well and in this case, due to the softer colors, are most definitely made exclusively for women.