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IWC launches its iPhone app

The IWC iPhone app
Screenshot of the IWC iPhone application

So it seems many companies have caught on to the iPhone application craze. Many makes and companies have adopted the use of smart-phone applications to further their own business advertising campaign; and they have been very successful to say the least. IWC has taken up this challenge and it looks like they have done a really good job in producing a wholesome application that is sure to lure in many buyers.

For starters, the application allows one to access, on the iPhone, much of the information that is available on the brand’s website. Easy browsing of the watch collections is available through the app.

Moreover, if you are interested in the way specific functions work, like the depth gauge on the Aquatime Deep Two or the digital calendar on the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month, with a few clicks on the IWC application you can have a whole animation playing, clearly, but briefly explaining to you the intricacies of the watch’s functions.

The app also allows the user to virtually try out some real watches’ tool; like the winding up of the Portuguese Automatic watch.

The coolest feature has to be the one that allows you to see how certain watches would look on your hand. In a few, easy to follow steps, you can have your hand photographed and fitted into a template that places different model watches on your hand to entice you to buy the watch that best fits you.

Once you decide to buy, an easy IWC store locator will help you find a shop to which you should run to get your new watch.