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The World’s Most Pointless Men’s Watch?

Luxury watch companies are always trying to think of some new angle with which to pitch their watches; it’s hard given that a watch can really only do so much. However, the Swiss company Horus has come out with a new watch called the Ultramarinum Marine watch that promises to give its owners “the power of time”.Ultramarinum Marine watch

What does this mean? Well, by pressing a button the wearer can adjust the seconds, minutes and hours; making them “follow the pace of his or her choice and then return to the current time at any point.”

What? Who has the time to play with time? Well, Horus is betting that millionaires do and this makes sense given that the cost of this men’s watch, in U.S. dollars is about $664,000. Horus is hoping that the illusion of being able to control time appeals to a millionaire’s taste. For example, if someone is sunbathing and wants to pretend that time has slowed down; that the world has stopped moving, this person can (on his / her watch) stop time. When it comes time to snap back to reality (find out if it’s time to flip) he / she pushes a button and the time returns to normal.

The design f this watch was inspired by the 1920s steam yacht the SS Delphine, which in the eyes of Kat Hannaford, the contributing editor of Gizmodo, makes it “clearly aimed at yachtsmen.” However, anyone knows that when you’re out at sea, the idea of manipulating time is not a smart one.

Perhaps the Ultramarinum Marine will appeal to rich owners of yachts who never really leave the harbor. After all, this watch is only available for purchase in Horus boutiques which happen to be located in Montreux, Switzerland, Monaco and Abu Dhabi.

Andre Grossmann, the founder of Horus, defends his masterpiece saying “It took four years to create this breathtaking time-piece. We used avant-garde materials and revolutionary technologies to create a watch with a time-control system. I am really pleased to be able to offer people the possibility of controlling time. That, for me, is the very essence of true luxury. What could be more precious than time?”

The watch itself is made from teak and titanium and the mechanism inside includes 45 rubies. It is water resistant to 100 meters and shockproof. The strap is made of canvas and leather. The speeding up and slowing down mechanism is controlled by “a marine tourbillion function”.