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Fossil: Make Your Watch Suit You

Being a global retailer comes easily to Fossil. They have chosen the route of expanding in their two core businesses; one being a multi-brand watch business.

The Fossil website displays their Press releases, entailing how much the brand has grown over the years, expanding both their name and retailing all over the world.

In October of 2006, “Fossil, Inc. announced that it ha[d] teamed up with the National Football League (NFL) to design, manufacture, market and distribute an official NFL watch collection for men and women featuring all 32 NFL teams” (Reifeiss, 2006). This was an idea that would go beyond connecting to their diverse purchasers. Both the Fossil team and the NFL representatives knew this would be a great idea to come together. The writer of the 2006 press release, Katrin Reifeiss,  stated that “Fossil’s reputation for design and quality make them a perfect fit for our organization” (Reifeiss, 2006).

This collection became available nationwide at select department stores, NFL stores and specialty sports stores, along with the Fossil online website, accessible to anyone, everywhere.

The Fossil watch collection does not disappoint, no matter what type of customer you are or what you are looking for. With their significant variety of different colors and styles, it’s a great compilation to choose from.


The fashionable women’s collection is comprised of Georgia watches, Stella watches, Heather watches, Emma watches, archival watches, Natalie watches, Riley watches, and lastly, Wallace watches.

Scrolling through the women’s watch section, you will find rose gold watches, steel watches, leather watches, gold-tone watches, an exotic leather watch set, neutral watches, white and color watches, ceramic watches and a notable set of interchangeable watches to make your own.

As for the men’s watches, they also have a compilation of watches. Their collections consists of Grant watches, Nate and Gage watches, machine watches, Ansel watches, Decker watches and Dean watches.

Men can also go into the styles section of watches to choose from a variety of leather dress watches, casual watches, steel dress watches, mechanical and sports watches, Roman watches, titanium and ceramic watches and of course the interchangeable watches comparable to the women’s.

Fossil allows for both male and female consumers to be able to find exactly what they are looking for. Whether it be a sporty style, a more feminine or masculine style, or anything in between or outside those lines, you can find a watch to suit you.

Michele Watches sales rise despite economy

The Miami-spirit infused collection by Michele Watches
The Tropical Paradise collection by Michele Watches
Although Fossil Inc., the makers of luxury brand watches such as Michele Watches, thought that their sales would be lower last year than usual due to the bad economy and business analytical predictions, the company revealed that they actually had an unusual increase. After its 2009 surprise success, the company has taken on new expectations for 2010.

In a press statement, the chief executive of Fossil said that even though the economy remains uncertain, he believes that his companies are in a good position innovatively, qualitatively and promotionally. He says the company plans to continue to promote its brands and try to up the sales despite the grim times.

Sources inside the company revealed that the luxury watch brand Michele Watches had outperformed the overall category during the last holiday quarter.

Michele Watches has been a luxury watch company with a reputation for quite some time. Its distinctiveness is expressed in its cool, sunny designs, made to capture the vibrant Miami lifestyle. The company’s different models are bedecked with gorgeous diamond cases, mother-of-pearls diamonds and other unique features. The vast range of trendy interchangeable wrist straps makes the watch wearing experience more fun and attractive.

The watches Michele Watches manufactures can be pointed out by their beautiful fusion of tradition grace and contemporary fashion.