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Cartier’s White Hot Pasha Seatimer

White Cartier Steams Up Summer

Cartier has created a real stand out piece with the Pasha Seatimer women’s watch.  The unique use of materials and finished gives the Pasha Seatimer its glam.  This is from the Pasha series, and was initially inspired by royalty.  This watch exudes all of the qualities’, which Cartier is famous for…style, elegance, and opulence.  The Seatimer’s white ceramic dial is tastefully sized and features Roman numeral markers.  It’s safe to say that the markings and arms of the dial are feminine and delicate.  Although designed, initially for a man (the Pasha of Marrakesh) this version is definitely designed for a glamorous gal.  Surrounding the dial, Cartier had fitted the Pasha with an 18 carat rose gold rotating bezel, with white numbering.  Inside this Swiss watch is a Quartz movement, which will be reliable and easy to maintain.  The Pasha was created so that the Pasha of Marrakesh could wear his watch, while taking a swim, so it’s fitting that this Pasha Seatimer be water resistant.  It can withstand depths of 330 feet, far beyond the deep end of your normal pool.  The white dial and rose gold accents are matched with a white rubber strap, completing the bright summery look, perfectly.  The Pasha Seatimer women’s watch from Cartier, don’t start summer without it.

Cartier’s Pretty Orange Tank Solo

Cartier's Orange Summer Splash

Just in time to further brighten our summer days, Cartier comes out with their colorful Women’s Tank Solo watch.  The sunny orange hue is perfect for lounging at the pool.  It is the ultimate summer accessory to that beautiful maxi dress you just picked up, and best of all…it’s a Cartier.  The Cartier Tank is one of those timeless designs, which has been updated with fresh colors and accents.  Cartier is a name that symbolizes luxury and stylish elegance, and this orange Tank Solo Women’s watch follows in those footsteps, perfectly.  The dial is a soft shade of champagne, which has been stylized by a shadowed logo effect.  The Cartier C floats over the dial, adding interest.  The dial is, of course the traditional Tank rectangular shape, and is accented by Roman numerals marking the quarter hours.  The crystal in a scratch resistant sapphire, and has been treated with an anti reflective additive.  The Tank Solo’s case is crafted of stainless-steel and measures 31mm in diameter.  This is a Swiss quartz model by Cartier and comes with a screw in case backing.  The Women’s Tank Solo is matched with a pretty orange Alligator bracelet, and the orange crystal crown finishes the look out, perfectly.  Add a bit of spice to your summer wardrobe, with the Cartier Tank Solo in orange.

Cartier, The First Lady’s Preference

Michelle Obama Loves Cartier

It is apropos that such a classic and elegant woman like Michelle Obama would be drawn to the most classic and elegant watches in the world.  Cartier seems to be the choice of the first lady, and with good reason.  Cartier has been the epitome of style for decades, and their creations don’t get any more traditional than the Tank.  Cartier’s Tank was originally introduced back in 1912.  It has seen many re-releases, but little changes. The Tank is Cartier and definitely still one of their more popular timepieces.  The first lady was photographed wearing her Cartier Tank, for her official Whitehouse portrait.  The people at Cartier couldn’t be more pleased.  Michelle Obama will certainly go down in history as a classic fashion icon, already compared to the legendary Jackie O for her style and grace.  The Cartier Tank befits such a lady. 

The Cartier Tank collection comes in many styles.  The Cartier midsized Tank Solo in stainless-steel, the Tank Americaine, which is in 18 carat white gold, to other steel and 18 carat gold models.  The variety is wide and diverse, the constant is the Cartier name.  This is a fine, luxury Swiss watchmaker, which has a solid reputation.  Hey, if it’s got Michelle Obama’s attention, maybe you should take another look.

Cartier Watches Are Legendary

Cartier stands for luxury

Cartier is world-renowned for their superior craftsmanship.  Their Watches exude style and success, and the wearer feels certain they have chosen a quality timepiece.  Since the mid 1800’s Cartier has been creating breathtaking jewelry and watches.  As they expanded through Europe, Cartier became increasingly popular and in 1902, after gaining the appreciation of many royals, Cartier was named “Jeweler of Kings”. 

Modern-day Cartier is no less respected.  The company has evolved and kept up with the times, while remaining one of the world’s premier watchmakers.  In 2002, Cartier celebrated its 100 birthday by unveiling the Santos 100.

The Santos series was named after a friend of Louis Cartier, who had complained about the unreliability of pocket-watches.  His comment was answered with the release of the first men’s wrist-watch in 1902.  The Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont can be thanked for the Cartier Santos line.

This series comes in a variety of combinations, but my favorite is the stainless-steel and gold version, with brown leather strap.  The W20091X7 men’s gold and steel watch makes a bold statement.  The contrasting polished steel, with gold accents set against the rich brown strap, is a handsome mix.

Whichever Cartier you choose, make sure it’s authentic.  Here are a few tips.  Cartier watches are very heavy, make sure the watch is weighty.  Drop a bead of water on the glass, it should roll right off and not smear.  Check that the serial number is engraved on the back or side of the watch, and finally, open the case back.  Genuine Cartier watches will have the name “Cartier” engraved on the movement.  Bottom line, this is a high-quality watch you want to pass on to your children, don’t get ripped off.

Jaeger Le-Coultre Gets Live for SIHH

The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) is the biggest event in the luxury watch industry and now it’s about to get bigger. Jaeger LeCoultre has announced that for the first time ever, if you can’t be in Geneva to attend this event, you can still be part of it by joining Jaeger’s webcast which takes place January 19 at 10:15AM EST.

For fans of luxury watches, this is how you can see in real time the new watches and collections that Jaeger will be unveiling.

It’s hard not to notice that the watch industry, one which has been around for hundreds of years and prides itself on doing things the old-fashioned way (many luxury watches are still hand-assembled) is changing gears and joining the online world. All watch brands now have websites, some undoubtedly better and more interactive than others, Facebook pages, iPhone applications and even Twitter accounts, but this webcast is, I believe, the first of its kind.

If you would like to submit questions for a Q&A session with Stéphane Belmont, Marketing Director for Jaeger, sign up here.

Jaeger- LeCoultre was founded in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre and is known for producing over 1,000 different calibers and who for years, was the backbone behind brands like Cartier, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe.

The Half a Million Dollar Watch You Have Never Heard Of

There are so many high-end luxury watch brands that it’s impossible to know them all, but one would think that if a watch cost half a million dollars, you would have heard of the brand before, but (most likely) not in this case. It’s not a Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Ulysee Nardin, Hublot, etc.

It’s a Christophe Claret Dual Tow watch. You may not recognize his name but he’s been in the luxury watchmaking business for a long time, usually producing watches for others. The Swiss watch maker has been referred to as a genius and is the mastermind behind pieces like Harry Winston’s Opus 4 and Jean Dunand Tourbillon Orbital.

This is the first time in 40 years of watchmaking that a watch bears his own name: the Christophe Claret Dual Tow.

In an interview with Elite Traveler, Claret was asked about the technology and thought process behind his collection. This is what he answered:

“We are using very, very sophisticated computers for the design. In fact the software programs we are using are the same that movie studios use. It enables us to take the design of watches to a level that just would not have been possible before, but we still use the imagination and skill of the human being to create an innovation.”

He also uses a “super fast camera”, which “enables the watchmaker to see the watch operating in intervals of two-tenths of a second or a little bit less. We are one of only two or three companies in Switzerland that has an Ultrasonic Linear machine.” Claret has also invested in environmentally friendly machines and this costs money too.

He goes on to explain that millions of dollars are spent on the development of a watch and that really the only way to make a profit is to make about 50- 60 pieces at the prices that he charges.

The Dual Tow was released in a limited edition of 63 pieces. Each watch can be customized by the buyer through the designer’s website. Starting at $300,000, the price goes up depending on which options you choose. The entire case of the watch is available in either white or rose gold, platinum or PVD coated titanium. The watch itself is large; 42.75mm wide by 48.2mm tall. The lugs move to wrap around your wrist, while large sapphire crystals cover both the front and back of the watch, while smaller crystals allow for side view into the movement. The movement is an ultra complex tourbillon with mono-pusher chronograph consisting of 582 parts alone, and 73 jewels.

Cartier Great Watchmaking History

Cartier Santos
Cartier Santos

The Cartier brand is one of the most recognized luxury trademarks in the world. The name is synonymous with sophistication and luxury design. To truly admire the greatness of their legacy, one should read the history of the grand watch and jewelry Maison. The luxury brand’s overbearing presence in the jewelry, fragrance, accessory and watch industry are undeniable evidence of its massive international success.

The Cartier Company is a subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Richemont SA. Before 1964, the company was owned and controlled by the Cartier family of French jewelers. The Cartier family was renowned as artists of elaborate jewelry, commissioned by royalty from all corners of the earth. The brilliance of their technique and exotic choice of jewel ensembles created such grand pieces as the “Bestiary” (illustrated by the Panthère brooch in 1940, created for Wallis Simpson,) the diamond necklace that Yadavindra Singh Maharaja of Patiala wore in 1904, and of course the famous Santos wrist watch, made for the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont.

The company’s origins lie in Paris 1847, when young Louis-François Cartier took over his master’s workshop. Soon after, the apprentice became one of the most skilled jewelry-artisan of his time. In 1874 son Alfred Cartier took over the company. Although the company basked in success, it was not until Alfred’s sons Louis, Pierre and Jacques took the reins of the company, that the Cartier brand would enjoy such international notoriety.

In 1899 the company decided to expand internationally. Louis Cartier remained in Paris to control the local branch. He has been credited for some of the most famous Cartier designs such as the “Mystery Clock” and the employment of “Tutti Fruti jewels.”  In 1907 Cartier rose to the challenge of making the world’s first men’s wristwatch. The watch was made for the great aviator Santos Dumont, who complained of the impracticality and unreliability of wrist watches. The watch was named after him, and is still in production today.

Inspired by the powerful and newly-born war machines of the western front, Louis designed one of the most famous Cartier watch designs of all time. The Tank series debuted in 1917 and has been in production for more than 90 years.

In 1920 The Cartier Company formed a joint venture with Edward Jaeger. Jaeger would provide movements for the Cartier timepieces on a contract of exclusivity. This venture and the mass production of Cartier watches with trustworthy, precise movements mark the beginning of Cartier’s unstoppable rise to the top of the international watch industry.