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Too Good To Be True, Breitling

Breitling watches are really superior timepieces.  They are crafted by master watch makers, and are respected as professional instruments.  These watches are all Swiss made and true quality pieces.  If you are a watch enthusiast, of any kind, you already know all this about Breitling.  Breitling’s are stylish, but the attention centers, mostly around performance.  If you want to own a Breitling watch, you probably bought it with a bit of both in mind, but you certainly wouldn’t ignore function, over form.  So, why are there so many Breitling replicas for sale?  If you are to Google Breitling, you will bring up a page with 1 legit dealer, and 30 replica ones.  Obviously, there is a market for these knock-offs, but I’m here to remind you that Breitling is so much more than a look.  The Company takes their business and their craft very seriously, and while they do have a signature style, they are also authentically well made.  These watches are crafted with exceptional attention to detail and made with the finest materials.  You can’t pick up a Breitling professional instrument for $39.99.  You can’t duplicate that kind of craftsmanship in that way.  Save your pennies and get the real deal…today, and in 30 years you’ll be glad you did.

Breitling, The Book


Breitling, The Book

The ultimate maker of professional watches is Breitling, hands down.  This watchmaker does it right, and has a solid reputation.  The timekeeping instruments they create and produce are exceptionally functional.  If you have a desire to learn more about Breitling and their watch creations, I have a book for you.  Starting in 1997, the Breitling Company has been publishing, what they call the “Chronolog”.  This annual publication is around 200 pages and it’s full of valuable Breitling information.  Professional images, artfully illustrate the Breitling collection.  All of Breitling’s recently released watches are highlighted, along with a company timeline of events.  Each year the Chronolog unveils some new and exciting content.  These Chronologs are really well-made and filled with prices as well as pictures.  It’s a wonderful find for a watch enthusiast or anyone searching for a Breitling.  The Chronologs are available through the Breitling website, and best of all, it’s free.

The premier publication by Breitling is The Book.  The Book by Breitling retails for $175.00.  Sounds steep, but if you love Breitling, this is worth it.  The 336 page book chronicles Breitling’s history in its entirety, from the conception of the brand through today.  The Book is published in 5 languages including French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish.  It is the only publication Breitling charges for, and is available at the Breitling site.

Breitling Super Avenger, Big And Bold

Breitling Huge Super Avenger


Breitling is known for their large, bold watches.  These instruments are highly technical and most of Breitling’s creations can perform numerous functions.  They pack a huge punch into a relatively tiny package!  Today, let’s take a look at Breitling’s biggest watch to date.  The Breitling Super Avenger Diamonds Men’s Watch.  Now, if you really want to make a bold statement, this watch will do that and more.  This is a Breitling self-winding automatic Chronometer, completely certified by the COSC.  It is a chronograph, as well.  The face of the Super Avenger features silver arms, hands, and sub dials…set against a jet black background.  The Super Avenger’s case is made from solid stainless-steel, and adorned with a double row of round cut diamonds.  These brilliant diamonds have a 1.23 carat weight, and sparkle bright.  This version is matched with a medium brown crocodile leather strap, creating a really handsome affect.  The Breitling Super Avenger men’s watch is water resistant to an astounding 1000 feet, and carries a three year manufacturer’s warranty.  Let’s get back to the size.  The Super Avenger’s case measures an enormous 48.4 mm.  You don’t have to be a watch enthusiast to love this watch, gentlemen…just successful man, with great taste.

Breitling, Watches With Integrity

Breitling, precision timepieces

In 1884 Mr. Breitling founded his watch company, although he would be appalled if he heard me call it that.  Breitling’s vision held a scope far beyond making timepieces…he wanted to create precision instruments for professionals.  Instruments such as chronographs and stop watches for aviators were the first pieces Breitling put out. 

In the early 1900’s wristwatches became more mainstream and Breitling was the first to offer a wrist-worn chronograph.  In fact, Breitling was the inventor of the push-piece, a separate part that would operate the chronographic features of the watch.  The push-piece would start, stop, and reset the stop watch function, with a single button.

The company’s innovation and dedication to excellence has maintained its reputation, and continues to come up with amazing watches.  The models include the Navitimer, the Windrider, the Professional, and the Aeromarine.    All of these models are offered in various styles, but none of them are ordinary watches…they art technological works of art.

If precision and accuracy are on the top of your list of priorities, a Breitling watch is the cream of the crop.  The company warns not to attempt to purchase a Breitling on the internet.  The watches offered on the web may not be authentic and if you want the real deal, you must buy from an authorized dealer. 

By the way, please check out their website…it is full of information and as impressive as their impeccably crafted instruments.

Cruise donates Breitling to charity auction

At the Living Legends of Aviation Awards, Tom Cruise was honored as the Top Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award. And who better to present him with this award than John Travolta, the Ambassador of Aviation. Cruise was awarded a bird shaped statuette and a Breitling watch which he promptly donated to a charity auction that evening.

Travolta has always been known for his obsession with planes. He is a certified pilot and owns five aircraft. One of his collection is the Australian Boeing 707-138 airliner. He acts as an ambassador for Qantas whose insignia remains are still visible on the plain. On his $4.9 million estate in Florida, Travolta has his own runway and taxiway till the front door.

It is with this history that Travolta was seen as the perfect one to award Tom Cruise with the Top Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award. Cruise received the award not only for his own passion in flying and planes, but mainly for his movie Top Gun which features the most grossing aviation scenes of all time.

Many other awards were presented during the evening, most notably the First Out of This World Landing and Take-Off Award, which was awarded to Dr. Buzz Aldrin for his  own accomplishments in aviation and exploration. When he was younger, Aldrin flew 66 times on missions to Korea. He is one of 12 astronauts to ever walk on the moon.

The Legends awards gala is organized by the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, which is a non-profit organization that introduces children to aviation.

Authentic Watches Are Everywhere on the Internet

authentic watchesNormally the domain of fancy jewelry boutiques and high-end department stores, some of the best known names in luxury watch making are now making their timepieces available online.  Authentic watches from such well-known brands as Breitling, Baume et Mercier, Jaeger Le Coultre, Raymond Weil and Movado are enticing luxury watch buyers to buy online.  One reason why these online stores have been so successful in selling luxury watches how easily you can search out the style you want.

Many customers start out on the manufacturer’s web site and search out the watch they want.  Others find their watch in a blog or fashion article and then click on the links to find out how to buy it.  However you end up finding a virtual watch retailer, you will find it is much easier to compare prices and styles from your living room than it would be to visit several luxury boutiques.  The only challenge for the online shopper is making sure that the store is selling authentic watches.

Many replica watchmakers have cropped up over the past several years, which can make it difficult for consumers to be sure they are buying the real thing.  Look for an online watch retailer with impeccable customer reviews, manufacturer’s warranties, and a 30-day money-back return policy, and only buy from a store that sells authentic watches only.

Three New “Auto Watches”

They’ve come to be known as “auto watches” – luxury watches that are born from a partnership with a luxury automobile brand or racing event. The thinking goes that if someone can afford to drive a high end, limited production automobile, that person is also game to buy the specially made, limited edition watch that “goes with” the car.Jaeger Aston Martin

This is not a new concept; TAG Heuer and Porsche Carrera have a partnership, as do Breitling and Bentley, Tissot and Nascar, and others. Here are three newcomers:

Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin

Only 300 pieces of what’s to be called the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT will be made. The watch will feature a round case made of ceramic, a first for this watchmaker. It will run on the automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 988 tourbillon movement, “driving two time-zone displays with more than a glimpse of the tourbillon mechanism. Most remarkable of all is the openworked dial, giving a full view of the ruthenium-coated bridges and baseplate.”

EDOX and KoenigseggEDOX and Koenigsegg

Only 30 of these hand-made Edox-Koenigsegg Chronograph watches will be made.  “The outstanding visual feature of this timepiece is the pair of hinged ‘doors’ that protect the crown – imitating the gullwing design of the Koenigsegg CCR sportscar.”

Hublot and the Automobile Club de FranceHublot and Automobile club de France

A limited edition series of men’s and women’s “drive” chronographs by Hublot for the oldest automobile club in the world will feature the colors of the ACF. “The skeleton dial, which reveals a section of the movement, is surrounded by a black ceramic case and bezel.”

Most likely watch and automobile aficionados will see more of these “auto watches” at the BaselWorld show in March of 2010.

“A Cocktail and a Breitling Watch Please”

There are all sorts of crazy marketing gimmicks and when it comes to Las Vegas, craziness on any and all levels is taken to new heights. So, although this may sound way out there, supposedly it is true.Haze 75

CityCenter is the newest city within a city to come into existence on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s 16 million square feet encompass everything from casinos, to hotels, restaurants, shopping and of course, nightlife galore.

Haze Nightclub in CityCenter’s centerpiece ARIA Hotel has come up with a cocktail called the “Haze 75” which is geared toward high-rollers. At a cost of $25,000 what could possibly make this drink so special? It’s prepared with Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac and Grand Marnier 150 year and comes with two Breitling watches – presumably one for “him” and one for “her.”

Nor does the marketing pitch talk about what kind of Breitling watches these may be, but in a town where anything is possible, perhaps it is true that $25,000 will buy you two luxury watches.

Whether Haze Nightclub can count on anyone actually purchasing this cocktail is another story; they must be banking on the notion that people do crazy things in Vegas, especially after a few drinks.

As for the watches, Breitling typically makes men’s watches. Their collection for women is more limited and due to their complexity in design and having so many visible functions on the dial, they may not be that appealing toward women. However, there is no doubt that they are quite the luxury watch; Breitlings have become quite the status symbol due to the fact that they’ve been worn and seen on many celebrities.

New Limited Edition Breitling Chrono-Matic QP & 1461

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the launch of the first self-winding chronograph Breitling is releasing two, limited edition versions of its Chrono-Matic watch, one called the QP and the other called the 1461.

The QP will be released in 125 pieces while the 1461 will be more widely available in a total of 2,000 pieces.  The latter, the 1461, is named after the fact that is features a chronograph and a calendar complication that needs only one adjustment per leap year resulting in a memory of 1,461 days. The QP features a perpetual calendar, made of 500 parts, which beautifully displays the date, day, week, month, season, and moon phase.

The look of both of these versions is inspired by the original Chronomat which came out in 1969.

1969 was a big year for both the aviation and watchmaking industries. Both the first flight of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet and that of the supersonic Concorde took place and Breitling created the first self-winding chronograph movement. This invention led to the launch of many collections of men’s watches. Breitling has always made watches specifically for aviation pilots which is why the company’s motto is “instruments for professionals.”

Both the Breitling Chrono-Matic QP and 1461 measure a hefty 49 mm in diameter and feature a circular slide ruler that is also seen in the Navitimer line. Both are water resistant to 30 meters and have a power reserve of 42 hours.

The overall design of both versions takes inspirations from the 70’s but each watch is very different looking than the other. The Chrono-Matic QP is crafted from red gold and comes with a black rubber strap, while the Chrono-Matic 1461 (as pictured in the second image) is made from all steel, including the woven steel Aero Classic bracelet, which gives the watch a retro look.