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Breitling Watches, For Bentley

Breitling Watches Special Bentley Edition

Breitling watches are not for the faint of heart.  These timepieces are real works of mechanical art, and priced accordingly.  Owning a Breitling is the ultimate for many watch enthusiasts.  The Breitling Bentley is my focus today.  The Breitling Bentley Men’s Watch has a unique bezel designed to mimic the controls on the Bentley, and is equipped with a variable, instead of the usual fixed, tachometer.  This tachometer technology can measure an average speed regardless of of the time elapsed.  This technology allows for the watch to measure any distance and any speed, ingenious.  This Breitling watch has is a motorized Chronometer, which has been certified.  It is also a chronograph that is self-winding, and vibrates at over 28, ooo beats per hour.  The technology that has been put into this machine is amazing, and unique to Breitling designers.   The Bentley Supersports by Breitling is encased is solid stainless-steel, and water resistant to 100 meters.  This Breitling men’s watch is large, with a diameter measuring over 48 mm, and features a caseback of Titanium.  The dial on the Breitling Bentley is a jet black, and the strap is a black durable rubber.  With only 1000 of these in production worldwide, this is certainly a very exclusive timepiece.  This Breitling Bentley Supersport men’s watch is a one of a kind.