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Hublot Boutique Grand Opening

In January of 1989, Hublot started a brand new reputation for itself; “For the first time in history of watchmaking, a precious material, gold, was combined with rubber. The porthole-shaped case with its combination of polished and brushed gold, the minimalist black dial and the inimitable bracelet in natural black rubber became the symbol of Hublot watches” (Hublot.com).

As the Official Watch of Formula 1, Hublot opened their second boutique in Abu Dhabi November 2012, which is also the 56th Hublot boutique open. Ranked high in status, Hublot opens their boutiques in the most prestigious locations across the globe, welcoming Abu Dhabi to the list as they expand their global footprint.

The Swiss brand welcomed many attendees at their grand opening, along with the chairman of Hublot, friends, family and long-standing partners of the brand.

The boutique is incredibly beautiful; 50-square-metres in Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall.


For a closer look at the boutique, the Hublot Facebook link is shown below:


With their very unique style of watches, Hublot has marketed a new type of watch for everyone around the world. Their designs and ways of constructing the watch are different from those of everyone else, making Hublot famous in the watch industry and able to make high sales and keep themselves prominent and partnered with many of the elite.

A Hublot watch is designed to stand out; its elegance and sharpness are noteworthy.

With worldwide services available, anyone from anywhere around the world is able to connect to the brand and its infamous ambassadors who represent it as they get on their way to owning a Hublot product.

Hublot partners are also well known by all and many from diverse fields and interest groups, which make for a great relationship between the brand and its customers.

This highly-ranked and renowned brand has built itself a dynasty and is only on its way to expanding itself even farther beyond.