Limited Edition Tissot Watches

Founded by a father and son team in 1853, Tissot introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch during that same year. Tissot has steadily maintained their reputation as one of the most leading-edge watchmakers in the world, being the first company to make watches out of plastic, wood, rock and mother-of-pearl.

Tissot is always on the leading edge of technology and innovation. From sporty watches like the popular T-Touch collection to more elegant timepieces like the men’s Quadrato Chronograph and the racy PRC 100 Dainca Patrick Limited Edition watches, Tissot is always on point.

2009 is proving to be a good year for Tissot. They have launched a series of hot, new ads featuring brand spokeswoman Danica Patrick, a new Sea T-Touch watch and upgrading already successful designs. Take the recently released Limited Edition Heritage 2009 designs for example.

There are two versions within this new Heritage edition: an 18K rose gold model of which only 333 watches were produced and a stainless steel model of which 3,333 pieces were manufactured.

These new Limited Edition Heritage watches take their inspiration from the 1940’s. They are classically designed and matched with a brown crocodile strap; both versions are rich in elegance, especially the rose gold one. A 38mm face, set on a black dial, shows intricate gold markings; the even numbers are boldly marked.

Both versions are chronometers and were tested over many days, in many positions and within varying temperatures to make sure they can withstand the standards of quality that Tissot watches promise.

With these new Limited Edition Heritage watches, Tissot’s motto of “innovators by tradition” has added two more collectible timepieces to the world of luxury watches.

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