Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier

Written by Selena DiGiovanni


Every year, the Salon International De La Horlogerie (SIHH), draws in some of the finest watchmakers in the world. This year, luxury watchmaker Cartier is already making waves with their new SIHH 2013 collection. The line is being called Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier Collection, and features timepieces inspired by nature and encrusted in precious gems.


The first of this new line is the Cartier Panthére Divine Watch. This timepiece features offset minute and hour hand on a black brass dial with a guilloche design. This dial serves as a phenomenal backdrop for the stunning panther which is the star of this piece. The panther and case are both made of 18-carat white gold plated with rhodium set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Additionally, the panther features black enamel spots and detailing.





Another timepiece from this line which is receiving a lot of attention is the Cartier Peacock Motif Watch. The case and main body of the peacock on this piece are also made of 18-carat white gold plated with rhodium. Set into the case and peacock form are brilliant cut diamonds and a single sapphire which serves as the peacock’s eye. Nestled amongst the diamonds which cover this timepiece are two roses made of ruby crystal with carved nephrite jade leaves. In addition to being a beautiful timepiece, this watch can also double as a brooch.








The Cartier Peacock Motif Watch is not the only timepiece in this collection that can double as a piece of jewelry. Also included in this new line is the Cartier Tortue Secret Watch. The timepiece is designed to look like a tortoise, with a shell that swings to cover and reveal the time display beneath. The case is once more made of rhodium-plated 18-carat white gold, and is set with brilliant cut diamonds. The eyes of the tortoise are created with two emeralds. Unlike those previously mentioned, the  Cartier Tortue Secret Watch features minute and hour hands which are centered on a silvered flinqué dial which has a translucent lacquer.


The timepieces crafted for this line are incredibly beautiful, and incredibly versatile. Decadent designs and precious stones truly make these art pieces worth investing in.


To learn more about the Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier Collection, visitwww.cartier.com.

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