Jacques Lemans at the top with Milano Collection

Written by: Jason Garoutte
Jacques Lemans, which is headquartered in St.Veit an der Glan/Carinthia, Austria is one of the leading watch producers worldwide. Although the company has been around for less than 50 years, they have made a name for themselves in the watchmaking market.

The Austrian company was founded in 1975 by Alfred and Norbert Riedl and has been standing for innovation in technique and design ever since. Their unique sports collection and the new Milano collection represent the quality and fashion that is Jacques Lemans.



In 2009, Jacques Lemans made headlines as the company obtained the license of the “UEFA Champions League,” one of the world’s largest brands of international sports.


With more modern techniques, Jacques Lemans is able to produce quality watches with unique style, flair, and precision. Jacques Lemans uses only high quality materials like Japanese or Swiss automatic and quartz movements, specially hardened crystal or sapphire glass, high grade leather and solid stainless steel straps, as well as high-grade ceramic.


With the release of the new Milano series, it is easy to see that Jacques Lemans will forever be a competitor in the watch industry. With its bold new models, colors, and design variations, Milano offers a taste of true Jacques Lemans craftsmanship and quality.


Our Milano series, mainly featuring models for the Jacques Lemans Sports Collection, is the perfect mix of lifestyle and sportiness combined with classic elements,” says Alfred Riedl, CEO and owner of Jacques Lemans.

With our Milano series we offer a wide range of models, chronographs, multifunctional alarm-chronographs or the classic 3-hands models. Stunning details as a colored push-button matching the color of the watch or an elegant, slim watch-band top turn the timepieces into special accessories for ladies and gents.”


The Milano series features designs for men and women that come in a variety of colors like pink, purple, and red for her and blue, green, or black for him.


By mixing style, elegance and sportiness Jacques Lemans watches prove to be a favorite around the world. They aren’t overpriced by any stretch of the imagination, and the modern technology used to craft such fine pieces allow Jacques Lemans to maintain a standard of professionalism and fortitude against many competitors, especially in the European market where Swiss watchmaking is the gold standard. In order for Jacques Lemans to compete against such formidable opponents, they only need continue producing quality watches like the Milano.

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