Hublot King Power “Arturo Fuente” Watch Sizzles

Written by Laura Rensing


Looking for a luxury watch that’s smoking hot?  You can’t go wrong with Hublot’s latest partnership with famous cigar brand Arturo Fuente Cigar Company and their Arturo Fuente King Power timepiece.  With a rich color scheme and loaded with all the oomph a Hublot can provide, watch collectors everywhere will be looking for a piece of this collection.


Hublot has always been known for its innovation, but also its versatility.  The brand has partnered with numerous sports teams, luxury car brands, and has brought special editions from the glamorous the hard core (such as their wrestling King Power watch).    However, partnerships with a cigar company are rare even for Hublot’s eccentric taste.


If the result is as good looking as the Arturo Fuente King Power Watch, however, then we can’t help but give our nod of approval.


Hublot watches have always had a very unique, modern look to them, but their aesthetic takes on a whole new approach with their partnership with the famous “Opus X” makers.  A blend of Hublot’s signature boldness and the class of a high-end cigar, the watch is certainly very easy on the eyes.


The gold, black, and rich brown color scheme makes the watch look like caramel, and the softer design elements in some of the dial and indices detailing works nicely against the strong features of the watch.  Hublot always does a great job of combining textures to create a depth to their watches, but their satin-finish on the dial when combined with the leather of the wristband and subtle horizontal texture of the bezel makes this watch incredibly beautiful to look upon.


Though the outside of the Arturo Fuente watch is certainly something to write home about, the mechanics of the watch are nothing to gloss over, either.  The timepiece runs off of the HUB4100 Chronograph movement, this watch is sure to keep running as long as you do.


Some may ask why a watch company would partner with a cigar brand, but for those who know the story of both companies, it’s a no-brainer; both Arturo Fuente and Hublot are perfectionists.  Both companies started from humble beginnings and have gone onto to be known as some of the most exclusive brands in their sector.


For Hublot and Arturo Fuente, both companies are dedicated to going above and beyond what the norm is to create unique, beautiful pieces that even an amateur’s eye can deduce as a dream come true.

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