Heritage Watch Manufactory Firmamentum is a Watch from the Heavens

Heritage Watch Manufactory is a young and independent brand that builds traditional chronometers powered by a patented constant force. Considering the brand’s five pending patents to date, there is much to be anticipated from this promising watch manufacturer.

Swiss “prolific designer” Eric Giroud, who focuses mostly on timepieces, assisted in the styling of the watch. Visit his website here.

The Heritage Firmamentum, composed of 100% Swiss parts, is encased in polished and satinised steel, measuring 44.5 mm, with domed sapphire glass protecting a German silver-plated and white gold-coated dial. The back casing is made of the same sapphire glass with a flattened shape. All of the 13 hands are made of hardened steel. The bracelet can be either leather or alligator skin with a pin buckle.

Even though the watch is complicated in design (and looking at the inside of this watch can feel like looking under the hood of a car), none of its “bits and bolts” goes to waste. Every piece plays an essential part to make up the whole – Heritage Watch Manufactory has created a magnificent, reliable machine.

Heritage classifies the watch as a “unique measurement and navigation instrument” which boasts an “hour angle instrument for the observation of heavenly bodies by means of 13 hands with two additional displays.” Sounds loaded, right? Let’s look more closely at what this watch can do.

Along with using a traditional sense of time in hours and minutes (called “solar time”), the watch utilizes degrees to monitor the passing of time that will also tell the wearer where they are located on Earth. (For example, four minutes equals one degree and 60 minutes is 15 degrees.) The watch has the ability to tell regular “solar time,” as well as sidereal time. Sidereal time is a time measurement used by astronomers to determine the time inside of our solar system – as well as outside of it by tracking our location relative to a fixed star or planet. Because of the watch’s capability to monitor the location of a heavenly body beyond our own planet, the Firmamentum always knows the wearer’s position. The watch shows the Earth’s rotation around its own axis and it will also exhibit the movements of the sun, planets and stars.

Starting with this innovative approach to time (and location) telling, the Firmamentum integrates a ton of new features with the advanced technology. The watch possesses a variable-speed gear train that measures the difference between solar time and sidereal time, making sure that the separate times stay synched together. It can also synchronize the time in accordance with a time signal, such as another time zone. The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters; but this watch is meant to track the heavens and our relation to it, not our oceans deep below. Its power reserve is 56 hours, an impressive amount of time compared to other luxury timepieces.

Obviously, this is much more than a watch that just tells the time. Visit Heritage Watch Manufactory’s official website for even more details about this amazing watch’s features.

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