Fruitz Watches, Something New And Exciting for Christmas

A Cosmo For Christmas

Fruitz Watches Happy Hour Collection mixes up the perfect Christmas cocktails.  If you are searching for an interesting line to choose from, this is it.  Fruitz watches Cosmopolitan model captures all the vibrant colors of the famous drink.

The Fruitz Watches Happy Hour in Cosmopolitan is styled in a fabulous pink hue.  The dial of this watch is a paler shade of pink with dark pink hour markers.  The solid construction of these watches is the reason they will last and last, but what will draw you to them is their contemporary and fresh design.  All of the Fruitz watches are styled after fresh cut fruit, with all the adornments.  The hours are marked by seedlings and the colors of the dials and straps are designed to match and mimic the fruit, cocktail, or sorbet.  Fruitz Cosmopolitan features a case with a 44mm diameter that is crafted from stainless-steel.  The pretty pink dial is presented with a laser cut design and features day, date, and 24 hour functions.  This watch, as well as all the Fruitz line, is equipped with the Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology disk, which calms you and aids in better sleep.

Check out the entire Fruitz Watches line and pick your favorite flavor for Christmas.

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