Fruits Watches Colorful Cosmo By Fruitz


Fruits Watches Cranberry Cosmo

Cocktail hour has never been as stylish as with the Fruits watches by Fruitz.  These fun and fruity creation from Fruitz are making a splash on the wrists of all the fashionistas.  The Fruitz Happy Hour Collection is made up of fruity concoctions like Cosmopolitan, which features a hot pink laser cut dial, and accenting seedling hour markers.  The Cosmo watch has a 43mm stainless-steel case, which has been highly polished, and offers day, date, and month dials.  Fruits watches are not only fun to look at, they are infused with Natural Frequency Technology.  This proprietary method is embedded in a special disk, which is placed inside the watch.  This technology will align you with the natural frequency of the Earth, and create a harmonious effect.  Wearers of the Fruits watches report better, more restful sleep, as well as better concentration and reduced stress.  These fruits watches by Fruitz are incredibly affordable, with models starting at $260.00.  The bright colors are appealing and will make you smile, and the Natural Frequency Technology will put you on your way to a more peaceful day.  Fruit watches come in fruit classic, fruit sorbet, and happy hour.  The Cosmopolitan is just one of the many tasty flavors of fruits watch.

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