All Eyes on the Apple iWatch

Written by Laura Rensing


Each year gadgets are getting smaller and smaller, but could this finally be the year that your favorite Apple technology will be available at the touch of a wrist (watch)?  Rumors are flying and the reports say that a new smart watch, the Apple iWatch, is on the way from one of the biggest and trendiest names in the technology business.


Many modern techies have replaced wristwatches with cellphone clocks for keeping time, but with the advent of smartwatches, the laugh could be on them.  The iWatch (as it is referred to by sources for lack of a better name -or perhaps for the value of puns alone) doesn’t even have a release date set, and yet already the rumor mill has claimed that the smartwatch could replace the iPod.


It seems hard to believe that we’ll all soon be playing Angry Birds on our wrists, but then again, I never would have called the arrival of CD’s back when I was running around with my Walkman.  The Bluetooth watch is said to be able to hook up to iPads and iPods alike, with a 1.5 inch OLED touch screen and a bevy of apps that we have come to expect from Apple.



Siri, of course, would be the voice behind the iWatch, and would help communicate and organize status updates.




The idea behind the iWatch is a smart move on a new trend: wearable computers.  Google Glass and smartwatches are just the first steps in making technology as fashion-forward as it is forward-thinking.  Designed to be convenient, light, and aesthetically appealing, wearable computers are said to be the wave of the future.



While many sources are taking the iWatch as a fact, other news outlets appear more skeptical.  International Business Times thinks that the remote Chinese source who claims to be making the iWatch is not reliable (fair enough) and with no forthcoming statement from Apple, the technology giant seems to be turning a blind eye to these rumors. For now.


Who knows?  Only time will tell whether the iWatch is fact or fiction.  Whether it’s a sure thing or a bunch of internet gossip, it’s interesting
to Google the random images of the mysterious iWatch.  There are more pictures of the elusive iWatch than there are of the Loch Ness Monster and Kim Kardashian’s marriage combined…but we know from past experience that doesn’t make the rumors ring true.

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