Cephee Launches $350,000 Women’s Luxury Watch

Cephee, a Swiss luxury watch brand is bringing its goods into the U.S. for the first time. With a price tag of $350,000 who knows how many potential buyers there may be for this luxury women’s watch, but hey.

Perhaps Cephee has made this decision based on the findings by the London-based form Ledbury Research, whose research shows that very wealthy people will “continue to spend but that their purchasing decisions will be based more on exclusivity as well as quality and dependability.” Bottom line: luxury is not disappearing. When it comes to men’s and women’s luxury watches, the rich are looking for limited edition timepieces and other unique features that make such a purchase worth their while.

The master designer behind the Ether watch by Cephee is Christophe Golay. The Ether without a doubt fits the above description; it is exclusive, luxurious and expensive. According to the Cephee website, “in the Greek mythology, Ether’s was the fifth element, filling the void in the universe, and giving the sky its shine. The Céphée ‘Ether’ personifies the magic of this notion of emptiness in a defined space.”

Magical is a good word to describe this watch. It has over 150 precision set baguette diamonds, all of which are exceptional in quality. A technique called “invisible channel setting” allows each diamond to “reflect all the light that it absorbs, without interruption by a metal bead.” Not only are there diamonds galore, there is also a sapphire cradle which houses the watch’s movement. This cradle was produced exclusively for the Ether watch and has “two perfectly adjusted lids so that precious face and side diamonds are completely encased.”  The hands are also made out of a certain type of sapphire called colored spinel.  Assembling this watch, with its delicate sapphire hands, is a feat all of its own.

The case is made from 18k white fold and the strap is a complimentary blue made from soft leather and comes with a hand crafted diamond buckle. Each and every step of the manufacturing process of this watch is done in house at the Cephee workshop in Geneva, which shares its factory with another luxury brand: Lamborghini.

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