Celebrities Talk Love of Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil Luxe Creations
Raymond Weil’s  Luxe Creations

On January 15, 2013, Raymond Weil and Labyrinth Theater came together to celebrate their annual Celebrity Charades night. Celebrities gathered to form four teams that would help gain support for the Labyrinth. The celebrities also celebrated Raymond Weil, a brand extremely supportive of the arts.


There are two phrases that every celebrity had to say about their new Raymond Weil watch: beautiful and love it! The watches could be seen on the likes of Sam Rockwell, Sasha Cohen, S. Epatha Merkerson, Richard Kind and Rosie Perez.


The women loved the watches, not only for their beauty, but because of how they were made. Actress Elizabeth Rodriguez noted how the rose gold complimented her skin tone perfectly while Callie Thorn wanted to marry hers. Raymond Weil’s women’s watches had diamonds, warm tones and had a feminine – dainty – quality. In fact, Daphne Rubin Vega was happy to be able to tell time ‘in a pretty way.’


While the celebrity men also admired the look of Raymond Weil’s watches, they were drawn to other qualities. Athlete Eddie George knew enough about the brand to state that it is a Swiss watch with each piece individually handcrafted. Josh Charles and Bobby Cannavale both noted that their watches had a sporty appeal, which they both appreciated. Two more actors who were humbled and made speechless by the quality of Raymond Weil were David Zavas and Billy Crudup. Perhaps one of the best reviews of the night was made by Michael Shannon. Shannon loved the machinery and symmetry of his watch, stating it made him feel like “a dapper man about town.”


Raymond Weil not only promotes art, but inspiration. The brand states in their motto that it is inspired by precision. The Labyrinth Theater and celebrities involved all need inspiration much like Raymond Weil to do their artform, so Weil asked each what their inspiration was. Answers included: excellence, great stories, dark chocolate and passion among others. These pieces of inspiration are all things that Raymond Weil can stand behind, which is why these celebrities have no problem wearing – and loving- the brand.


Written by: Stacy McCullough



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