Cartier Watches Are Legendary

Cartier stands for luxury

Cartier is world-renowned for their superior craftsmanship.  Their Watches exude style and success, and the wearer feels certain they have chosen a quality timepiece.  Since the mid 1800’s Cartier has been creating breathtaking jewelry and watches.  As they expanded through Europe, Cartier became increasingly popular and in 1902, after gaining the appreciation of many royals, Cartier was named “Jeweler of Kings”. 

Modern-day Cartier is no less respected.  The company has evolved and kept up with the times, while remaining one of the world’s premier watchmakers.  In 2002, Cartier celebrated its 100 birthday by unveiling the Santos 100.

The Santos series was named after a friend of Louis Cartier, who had complained about the unreliability of pocket-watches.  His comment was answered with the release of the first men’s wrist-watch in 1902.  The Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont can be thanked for the Cartier Santos line.

This series comes in a variety of combinations, but my favorite is the stainless-steel and gold version, with brown leather strap.  The W20091X7 men’s gold and steel watch makes a bold statement.  The contrasting polished steel, with gold accents set against the rich brown strap, is a handsome mix.

Whichever Cartier you choose, make sure it’s authentic.  Here are a few tips.  Cartier watches are very heavy, make sure the watch is weighty.  Drop a bead of water on the glass, it should roll right off and not smear.  Check that the serial number is engraved on the back or side of the watch, and finally, open the case back.  Genuine Cartier watches will have the name “Cartier” engraved on the movement.  Bottom line, this is a high-quality watch you want to pass on to your children, don’t get ripped off.

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