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Breitling, precision timepieces

In 1884 Mr. Breitling founded his watch company, although he would be appalled if he heard me call it that.  Breitling’s vision held a scope far beyond making timepieces…he wanted to create precision instruments for professionals.  Instruments such as chronographs and stop watches for aviators were the first pieces Breitling put out. 

In the early 1900’s wristwatches became more mainstream and Breitling was the first to offer a wrist-worn chronograph.  In fact, Breitling was the inventor of the push-piece, a separate part that would operate the chronographic features of the watch.  The push-piece would start, stop, and reset the stop watch function, with a single button.

The company’s innovation and dedication to excellence has maintained its reputation, and continues to come up with amazing watches.  The models include the Navitimer, the Windrider, the Professional, and the Aeromarine.    All of these models are offered in various styles, but none of them are ordinary watches…they art technological works of art.

If precision and accuracy are on the top of your list of priorities, a Breitling watch is the cream of the crop.  The company warns not to attempt to purchase a Breitling on the internet.  The watches offered on the web may not be authentic and if you want the real deal, you must buy from an authorized dealer. 

By the way, please check out their website…it is full of information and as impressive as their impeccably crafted instruments.

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