Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch Dazzles With Classic Good Looks

Bell & Ross watches don’t have to resort to bells and whistles to make their watches stand out.  A classic example of this is their Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch which needs only its clean looks, solid machinery, and a touch of that old school charm to make this watch an easy favorite.

As watches become more and more avante garde with multiple layers of diamonds, mechanics, and even dials, it’s nice to return to basics with a vintage style like this Bell & Ross timepiece.  The black bezel and dial with stainless steel case and hands are a sensible contrast.  Add a black calfskin or stainless steel bracelet to complete the look of easygoing charm.

That being said, the clean looks of this watch not only make it durable, but versatile as well.  The timepiece can weather outdoor activities during the day and still be in place for nighttime parties—whether it’s as simple as a barbeque or as fancy as a wedding.

This watch is the perfect companion for summer travels; it’s light and durable enough to outlast your playtime while still looking great.  The watch’s sleek design will ensure that you don’t have to worry about it getting caught during your summertime activities.

The two-counter chronograph and automatic ETA movement will keep you running right on time.  With Bell & Ross, you’ll never have to worry about being a second behind, and with good reason: the vintage collection is based off of Bell & Ross’ successful timepieces from fifty years ago.  Even then, Bell & Ross knew their craft

Though the watch looks simple, there are actually quite a few tiny details that make the timepiece so appealing.  You may not realize just how much the polished bezel adds to the piece, or how the luminous numbers and indices make the watch easy to read in all lights, but the little tidbits add up to make a truly beautiful watch.

The Vintage BR Sport watch includes another little detail that makes it stand out not only from other watch brands, but from the other Bell & Ross Vintage collection timepieces in that it features a polished bezel instead of just an insert.

For a watch with classic good looks and the dependable mechanics that Bell & Ross promises with all their watches, why not strap on a Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch?

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