Backes & Strauss Diamond Jubilee Collection

Ever wondered what it feels like to get the royal treatment? It’s true few of us will ever get close enough to the crown jewels to be able to even breathe on them, but at least you can take part in Backes & Strauss Diamond Jubilee Collection which honors Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 year reign.
The watch collection is—appropriately—named the Regent collection and showcases a brilliant purple (the traditional color of royalty). Of course, the diamonds ringing the bezel do more than hint at the regal nature of the timepiece.

The diamonds are set into 18kt white gold, which proves a tasteful contrast to the purple of the watch. Tiny diamonds are inlaid within the indices, glittering next to the royal cipher “EIIR.” Of course, no queenly timepiece would be complete without the crown insignia, featured in the bottom center of the dial.
Though the colors of the watch make an obvious statement, there are also little details that add to the delightful character of the timepiece. Clearly influenced by the sophisticated days of the English Regency period, the purple dial includes an English rose design, adding to the feeling of luxury to the piece. The watch also features an open back so that you can see the watch movement through sapphire glass.
There’s certainly an old world charm to the piece. The combination of the brilliant diamonds with the lacquered English roses and the diamond-inlaid roman numerals truly set this watch apart.
Unfortunately, it seems you’ll have to drain your coffers—and fast—if you want to call one of the Jubilee watches your own. Only 60 watches will be made to mark the 60 year anniversary, so you’ll have to act quickly.
Whatever the price, you’ll be sure to have a very unique timepiece as each watch marks a specific year in Her Majesty’s reign, and the Backes & Strauss Jubilee Collection is one of the only watch brands granted permission from the Lord Chamberlain’s Office itself to use her Majesty’s Royal Cypher.
All watches from the collection will include the “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee” engraved on the side and the years “1952-2012” to mark the occasion. If you want to own a piece of history and a watch as outstanding and brilliant as the Queen herself, then you’ll find no better watch than those in the Backes & Strauss Diamond Jubilee Collection.

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