Authentic Watches

Authentic watches are classics

Rolex is, arguably the most recognized luxury watchmaker in the world.  Rolex has become a symbol of wealth and success in our culture in the states, and around the world. Wearing one of these coveted watches is a sign that you have arrived, and that status is what many of us dream of.  The Rolex Presidential is worn by many company heads, and signifies to others your position.

Cartier was founded back in 1847 and has remained a premier, quality watchmaker since.  Cartier is sophistication, epitomized. Creating many diverse and beautiful designs, has served Cartier well.  The name stands for luxury and high quality, and the look of these watches is unmistakable.

These timepieces aren’t merely functional, they tell a bit of a story.  They become, very much a part of whom we are…or who we want to portray to the world.  The wrist-watch has become an extension of our personality, and an emblem or our achievements.

Authenticity can take many forms, when we are speaking of watches.  It can come in a very expensive package or in a simple brown box.  To me, authenticity means honest, steadfast, quality.  Many watchmakers today fall into that category.

The authentic watch for you has to be made well, feel and look amazing enough on you to wear everyday, and be matched with your pocket-book.  Be choosy…this is something you’ll have for quite a while.

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