Authentic Watches Come With Papers

Authentic Watches Come With Proof

Today, I think we will discover some real authentic watches.  The brands with names like IWC or Corum on them.  The Corum watchmakers have built quite a reputation for high quality, precision timepieces.  Their designs run the gamut from traditional to very modern and interesting.  All Corum models should come with papers of authenticity, the Corum warranty information, and a certificate card for the diamonds.  If yours didn’t, maybe it’s not an authentic watch.  The Ladies Rocket Diamond Watch by Corum is one of those more interesting timepieces I mentioned.  They call it the Rocket, but the shape gives more of a boat appearance.  In any case, this is a beautifully crafted watch.  The dial is a softened triangular shape and the face is in that luxurious Mother-of-Pearl, surrounded by a delicate row of glittering diamonds…63 diamonds to be exact, with a carat weight of 1.77, beautiful.  This woman’s watch features a battery powered Quartz movement, and a bezel of scratch-resistant crystal in sapphire.  The dial on this watch is completely unadorned, except for the 12 o’clock hour marker and the Corum name and logo.  As with all authentic watches, this Corum should reach you with all its credentials in tact.  Buying authentic watches can be quite an investment, make sure you get what you pay for.

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