The Beauty of Alain Silberstein Watches

One of the greatest feats in horology is achieving precision with the work of the hand, and encasing it in beauty with the imagination of the mind. Alain Silberstein timepieces capture every single aspect of watch making tradition with one very distinctive difference. Their beauty does not lie in the magnificence of their movements, but rather in the avant-garde vision of their design. Alain Silberstein is a French interior architect and designer by profession, who in the late 1980’s joined the reluctance of Swiss watch manufacturers unwilling to let the art of mechanical watches become extinct.

The quartz craze in the 80’s threatened the survival of watch making as an art, and is considered “The Dark Age” of watch manufacturing by horologists.  More than 2 decades later, Alain Silberstein watches are considered delicate works of modern art that resemble the works of Picasso or Britto.

The neo-pop theme is clearly evident in the timepieces’ vibrant colors which contrast each other in deep tones. Although the watches are modernly designed to excite onlooker’s sight, they are also crafted with traditional watch-making precision and dedication. Alain Silberstein and his 15 professional watchmakers produce a limited collection of 1,000 timepieces per year. The irony lies in that Silberstein was one of the most outspoken critics of the industry’s adaptation to quartz in the 80’s, due to a sense of respect and value for the traditional human elements that were involved in mechanical watch making. Silberstein’s timepieces however, are considered progressive, ultra contemporary watches that negate the traditional watch designer’s aesthetical vision.

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