A Perfect Piece for Your Valentine: Charms Extraordinaire Collection by Van Cleef & Arpels

To help you warm up for the arrival of Spring, Van Cleef and Arpels has created the breathtaking and fantastical Charms Extraordinaire Collection. This collection of four watches gives you the opportunity to pick the perfect piece that will adorn your partner’s wrist this Valentine’s Day. Every watch in this collection is completed by hand through engraving, painting or enameling. And each one is also finished off by three rows of jewels – namely diamonds – on the bezel. There is no better way to tell your Valentine how beautiful she is than a watch from the Charms Extraordinaire Collection.



The first watch is the ‘Muguet,’ a fairy with a butterfly sitting on her fingertips. The dial she is painted onto is made of Mother of Pearl, the iridescence playing nicely off the white gold case. The Fairy wears a skirt of diamonds and is surrounded by Lily of the Valley. The 38mm case is circled by diamonds and yellow sapphires with a white gold and diamond butterfly charm gently dangling from the side. Muguet has a bold green band that will compliment any skin tone.


RTEmagicC_13_0125_VCA_08.jpgVan Cleef and Arpels’ second watch in this collection is the Feerie Dandelion. As the name states, it is composed of a fairy sitting in a field of gold and diamond dandelions. The fairy has a diamond face with beautifully enameled wings. Another 38mm white gold case, the face is surrounded by diamonds and sapphire with a pink leather band. Another dandelion composed of diamonds and gold hangs from the right side of the case.






Another flower of spring is the Lotus, which is the third watch in the Charms Extraordinaire Collection. The Lotus flower is created by champlevé: an extremely intricate form of enameling that includes hand painting as well. The effect is that of stained glass. The colors are immaculate and are well complimented by the pink band, diamonds, sapphires and tourmalines. The Lotus watch is a bit smaller with a 32mm case and has a lovely Lotus diamond charm with white gold.







The last watch in this collection is the Hirondelles. This watch represents spring more than the rest with two swallows on the face. One swallow sits on a branch while another is flying in the sky. Diamonds adorn the chest. There is a field of light orange and pink flowers beneath them. The watch almost begins to look like a beautiful sunset with the 32mm pink gold case surrounded by purple and pink sapphires and diamonds. There is a leather purple band to buckle around your wrist and a pink gold flower charm with diamonds.






The Charms Extraordinaire Collection was first released in 2008 and these four watches only add to its brilliance. Each watch has standard Swiss Quartz Movement, so there will be no need to worry about winding the watch.  The quality of the watch, along with the appearance, make it  a piece any woman would love to wear. The Muguet, Feerie Dandelion, Lotus and Hirondelles are, in fact, beautiful workmanships of art that will only compliment the beauty of your date this Valentine’s.






Written By: Stacy McCullough



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