25th Anniversary of Chanel’s watch line

Written by Selena DiGiovanni


In 1987, Chanel produced it’s first line of watches. The line was called Premiére, and was an instant classic. And now, 25 years later, Chanel is celebrating their Premiére line with something special.


After tweaking and creating new designs, Chanel has decided to reproduce their original Premiére line as it was in 1987. The watch will feature the same geometric face which was inspired by the Place Vendôme in Paris, where Coco Chanel once lived. It will also feature the same iconic chain bracelet band.


However, there will be some minor changes to the original design. The case will now be 28mm instead of the original 26mm, making the watch slightly bolder. Women will now also have the ability to adjust the chain at home, rather than going to a boutique.


In addition, there will also be several watches inspired by the original Premiére line included in this collection. These watches will have a similar face, but will feature updated bands. One of these new watches features a long band which is wrapped around the wrist several times. Others will feature a similar chain strap, but will have additional leather or rubber threaded through the chains.


These delicate and feminine watches will soon be available in a variety of styles and prices.  Beginning in April they will be available at Chanel boutiques for between $4,300 to $28,500.


Another addition to the Premiére line is Chanel’s Flying Tourbillion. The Flying Tourbillion resembles a Premiére watch, but instead of the unmarked face, it will feature a stylized camellia which spins as the seconds pass. Chanel will unveil their new Flying Tourbillion watch as part of the reinvented Premiére line this April at Baselworld 2013.


To learn more about the Chanel and the Premiére line, visit www.chanel.com.

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