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Titan Black & FC Chelsea Create Custom Rolex Daytona Watch

If you are a fan of the Chelsea Football Club, you’ll love the new Titan Black Rolex Daytona custom made for the team. Titan Black and Chelsea FC spent a long time coming up with the perfect Rolex watch. It was created to celebrate the team’s May 2012 Champion League Win in Munich as well as their current UEFA Champion Title.

While not many details of the Rolex Daytona Chelsea FC have been released, we know that it showcases the team’s notorious color of blue. There are three small logo sections within the watch: one of white and blue stars at 9 o’clock, the team’s logo at 6 o’clock and the logo of the UEFA Champion League at 3 o’clock. The simplicity of these small logos and the colors are what really make the watch pop. The face of the watch is white, with the blue in the logos and all watch hands. The minute and hour hands have small cut outs in them. The case and band of the watch are steel colored with a diamond-like coating to make it gleam.custom_titan_black_chelsea_fc_rolex_daytona_marks_london_clubs_first_ever_win_of_uefa_champions_league_3bux2

The Rolex Daytona Chelsea FC should carry the same mechanical specs of other watches in the Rolex Daytona line. This includes beautiful touches like the laser engraved numbers on the bezel and crystal glass protecting the face. The watch has a flip lock bracelet and is water resistant up to 100 meters. It is also an automatic movement so the players won’t have much to think about other than keeping their schedules.

It took Titan Black and Chelsea FC almost a year to design the perfect watch together. It is no doubt now adorning the wrists of everyone on the team, including their coach and board members. Chelsea FC has had a fantastic year and becoming London’s first team to win the Champion League is definitely a reason to celebrate. Titan Black has created a piece that will help spread unity on the team with their Rolex Daytona Chelsea FC.


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Romain Jerome Makes Watch for Sci-Fi’s

Romain Jerome has created a watch that will make any sci-fi lover squeal with delight. Named the “Spacecraft,” this watch will make you think Star Wars. Specifically Darth Vader. Spacecraft is a watch that screams vintage futuristic all at once, which is very hard to accomplish.


Spacecraft is a titanium watch that is coated with PVD.  It focuses on hard angles and flat lines to give it that space – feel. It is run with a self-winding movement that has so many different motions to it, it has yet to been seen. With retrograde hours, the watch moves laterally, linearly and even jumps! Why does it need so many movements? Because of the way the watch is ready. Spacecraft is not going to be a watch for someone who wants to-the-second accurate time. Jerome notes this himself. It is meant for style.


To tell the time on Spacecraft, you must first look at the side of the watch where the hours are located. The correct hour will be red, caused by a spring-driven carriage. Then go to the watch face where the minutes are located. It may be a little hectic, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t think twice about reading the watch. The entire watch was hand pieced and tied together with a black mesh strap.


If you are a fan of unique watches, or a Star Wars, space lover, Spacecraft is definitely the watch for you. It is going to be an extremely rare watch, however, with only ninety-nine created. The cost definitely mirrors the high craftsmanship at $33,400. But if you can afford it, this will be a piece everyone will constantly talk about. Tell time with style.


Written by: Stacy McCullough

Antiquorum and ‘Celebrate New York’ Charity Event

Jewelers for Children was well supported during their Celebrate New York auction that took place February 25, 2013. Thrown at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Pier, Antiquorum was one of the organizations biggest sponsors. The evening consisted of food, beverages, a silent and live auction.

Many brands came together to donate jewelry and other gifts that Jeweler’s for Children was able to auction off. The items available for the silent auction were from brands Antiquorum, Andy Castillo Art, RSP Media, Mia Sorelli Jewelry Design, International Gemological Institute and Jeweler’s Resource Bureau. Not only did Antiquorum offer a fabulous gift package, but their director, Michael Friedman, also hosted the live auction.

Friedman’s love for charity and talent as an auctioneer helped him sell products from a slew of companies. The live auction brands included John Hardy, Judith Ripka, Honora, Ashley & Emily, Scott Key and Michael Dawkins. All in all, Celebrate New York was a successful event that Antiquorum was happy to be involved in. Antiquorum stated that they were more than happy to help and will continue to support worthy causes.

The event allowed attendees to feel good about their purchases because all the money went to help children in need through different organizations. The funds received were split between St. Judes Children’s Hospital, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Make-A-Wish and CASA. And thanks to brands such as Antiquorum, the attendees left with high quality, luxury items. That makes this event a win-win for everyone involved.

Written by: Stacy McCullough

Hublot Takes on the Lakers

That’s right, luxury watchmaker Hublot is making its move with the LA Lakers. Both brands are popular in their own rights, famous for pursuing and achieving excellence. The high standards of the Lakers is what brought Hublot to add them to their repertoire.


Hublot watch collection
Elegance and fierceness

Hublot is already a presence in the world of sports. Some of their athletic partners include Manchester United, Usain Bolt and FIFA. It is no doubt that they should start making themselves known to the world of basketball. This will help widen their sales by promoting to a new audience, which is first seen as a wall clock was handed to LA Lakers EVP Jeanie Buss. She opted to show the beautiful clock off with Laker Kobe Bryant and local Hublot Boutique owner Greg Simonian.


The Lakers have sixteen titles to their name thus far and Hublot can now say they are the first to become an official timekeeper for the team. Hublot loves to blend tradition with the modern and by making this deal with the Lakers they do just that. So get ready to get your game on because with their precise timing, you’ll know that game will start and finish right on time.


Written by Stacy McCullough

Celebrities Talk Love of Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil Luxe Creations
Raymond Weil’s  Luxe Creations

On January 15, 2013, Raymond Weil and Labyrinth Theater came together to celebrate their annual Celebrity Charades night. Celebrities gathered to form four teams that would help gain support for the Labyrinth. The celebrities also celebrated Raymond Weil, a brand extremely supportive of the arts.


There are two phrases that every celebrity had to say about their new Raymond Weil watch: beautiful and love it! The watches could be seen on the likes of Sam Rockwell, Sasha Cohen, S. Epatha Merkerson, Richard Kind and Rosie Perez.


The women loved the watches, not only for their beauty, but because of how they were made. Actress Elizabeth Rodriguez noted how the rose gold complimented her skin tone perfectly while Callie Thorn wanted to marry hers. Raymond Weil’s women’s watches had diamonds, warm tones and had a feminine – dainty – quality. In fact, Daphne Rubin Vega was happy to be able to tell time ‘in a pretty way.’


While the celebrity men also admired the look of Raymond Weil’s watches, they were drawn to other qualities. Athlete Eddie George knew enough about the brand to state that it is a Swiss watch with each piece individually handcrafted. Josh Charles and Bobby Cannavale both noted that their watches had a sporty appeal, which they both appreciated. Two more actors who were humbled and made speechless by the quality of Raymond Weil were David Zavas and Billy Crudup. Perhaps one of the best reviews of the night was made by Michael Shannon. Shannon loved the machinery and symmetry of his watch, stating it made him feel like “a dapper man about town.”


Raymond Weil not only promotes art, but inspiration. The brand states in their motto that it is inspired by precision. The Labyrinth Theater and celebrities involved all need inspiration much like Raymond Weil to do their artform, so Weil asked each what their inspiration was. Answers included: excellence, great stories, dark chocolate and passion among others. These pieces of inspiration are all things that Raymond Weil can stand behind, which is why these celebrities have no problem wearing – and loving- the brand.


Written by: Stacy McCullough