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Ines Sastre – Ambassador for Frédérique Constant & Ladies World Heart Federation

Written by Selena DiGiovanni


Since 2009 Frédérique Constant, a world renowned Swiss watchmaker, has been involved with heart-related charities. They have supported the “Hearts of Children” campaign in recent years, and this past September they generously donated $50,000 to the World Heart Federation.


The Swiss watchmaker has now announced that they will be teaming up with Spanish actress and model Inés Sastre. Sastre is known for her acting and modeling career, though she has also done extensive charity work with UNICEF. Some of her films include El Dorado, Vidocq, and her most famous, The Lost City.


This collaboration will involve Frédérique Constant producing a new line of watches specifically for this charity called the Ladies World Heart Federation Automatic Collection. Sastre will be the ambassador for Frédérique Constant’s new heart health related collections over the next two years.


This line will feature four new timepieces with Frédérique Constant’s classic FC-310 automatic winding movements. The “heartbeat” of these beautiful pieces can be seen through a double heart aperture located at the 12 o’clock position. The mother-of-pearl dial is studded with diamonds, and set into a feminine 34mm round case. Two of the four models will feature a stainless steel case, while the other two models will feature a rose gold plated stainless steel case. There are a variety of bands available, including genuine alligator and satin straps in numerous colors, and also in metal bracelets. These straps also feature an Easy Release system, which allows women the ability to easily change the strap and customize their wristwatch endlessly.


100 of these feminine pieces will be created specifically for the campaign, and will be disbursed through the World Heart Federation in specially designed heart boxes. To learn more, visit

Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier

Written by Selena DiGiovanni


Every year, the Salon International De La Horlogerie (SIHH), draws in some of the finest watchmakers in the world. This year, luxury watchmaker Cartier is already making waves with their new SIHH 2013 collection. The line is being called Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier Collection, and features timepieces inspired by nature and encrusted in precious gems.


The first of this new line is the Cartier Panthére Divine Watch. This timepiece features offset minute and hour hand on a black brass dial with a guilloche design. This dial serves as a phenomenal backdrop for the stunning panther which is the star of this piece. The panther and case are both made of 18-carat white gold plated with rhodium set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Additionally, the panther features black enamel spots and detailing.





Another timepiece from this line which is receiving a lot of attention is the Cartier Peacock Motif Watch. The case and main body of the peacock on this piece are also made of 18-carat white gold plated with rhodium. Set into the case and peacock form are brilliant cut diamonds and a single sapphire which serves as the peacock’s eye. Nestled amongst the diamonds which cover this timepiece are two roses made of ruby crystal with carved nephrite jade leaves. In addition to being a beautiful timepiece, this watch can also double as a brooch.








The Cartier Peacock Motif Watch is not the only timepiece in this collection that can double as a piece of jewelry. Also included in this new line is the Cartier Tortue Secret Watch. The timepiece is designed to look like a tortoise, with a shell that swings to cover and reveal the time display beneath. The case is once more made of rhodium-plated 18-carat white gold, and is set with brilliant cut diamonds. The eyes of the tortoise are created with two emeralds. Unlike those previously mentioned, the  Cartier Tortue Secret Watch features minute and hour hands which are centered on a silvered flinqué dial which has a translucent lacquer.


The timepieces crafted for this line are incredibly beautiful, and incredibly versatile. Decadent designs and precious stones truly make these art pieces worth investing in.


To learn more about the Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier Collection,

25th Anniversary of Chanel’s watch line

Written by Selena DiGiovanni


In 1987, Chanel produced it’s first line of watches. The line was called Premiére, and was an instant classic. And now, 25 years later, Chanel is celebrating their Premiére line with something special.


After tweaking and creating new designs, Chanel has decided to reproduce their original Premiére line as it was in 1987. The watch will feature the same geometric face which was inspired by the Place Vendôme in Paris, where Coco Chanel once lived. It will also feature the same iconic chain bracelet band.


However, there will be some minor changes to the original design. The case will now be 28mm instead of the original 26mm, making the watch slightly bolder. Women will now also have the ability to adjust the chain at home, rather than going to a boutique.


In addition, there will also be several watches inspired by the original Premiére line included in this collection. These watches will have a similar face, but will feature updated bands. One of these new watches features a long band which is wrapped around the wrist several times. Others will feature a similar chain strap, but will have additional leather or rubber threaded through the chains.


These delicate and feminine watches will soon be available in a variety of styles and prices.  Beginning in April they will be available at Chanel boutiques for between $4,300 to $28,500.


Another addition to the Premiére line is Chanel’s Flying Tourbillion. The Flying Tourbillion resembles a Premiére watch, but instead of the unmarked face, it will feature a stylized camellia which spins as the seconds pass. Chanel will unveil their new Flying Tourbillion watch as part of the reinvented Premiére line this April at Baselworld 2013.


To learn more about the Chanel and the Premiére line, visit

New Alacria Diva Bamboo Watch by Carl F. Bucherer

Written by Evan Gabriel


In the 1880s, entrepreneur Carl Friedrich Bucherer pursued his dream of producing top-end timepieces meant to leave a mark in history. With the new version of the Alacria Diva watch, the Bucherer company continues to raise industry standards by introducing the Alacria Diva Bamboo.


Produced with precision by stonecutters in workshops in Lengnau, Switzerland, the Alacria Diva Bamboo replicates the very beauty and exoticism associated with bamboo in many Eastern cultures. In Japan, for example, bamboo represents purity while in India the tree symbolizes friendship.


The limited edition Alacria Diva Bamboo is aimed at capturing the essence of individuality; made for women, this slender timepiece is decorated with 83 orange and black baguette-cut sapphires that radiates with beauty.


While the outer case is adorned with 239 black sapphires, it also contains 90 orange and black baguette-cut sapphires to elegantly accent the lighter orange strap, which is made of top quality Louisiana alligator skin.


Although bamboo was not used in the production of these watches, there is a high premium for buyers because in addition to the large orange sapphire encrusted into the crown, each model will have a custom-made dial.


Only 25 models of this limited edition watch are being released. The delicate care that goes in to creating each model’s dial requires a high standard of dedication from the watchmakers.


Powered by quartz movement, the watch sits in a 31. 35 mm x 45 mm case. In addition, these elegant timepieces are water resistant up to 30 meters.


Each of the Alacria Diva Bamboo watches contain the care and quality that Carl Friedrich Bucherer set out for when he opened his first watch store in 1888, and which his family continues to strive for even after winning the “Best Chronograph” award at the “Middle East Premier Awards for Watches, Jewellery and Pens,” in 2012.

Jacques Lemans at the top with Milano Collection

Written by: Jason Garoutte
Jacques Lemans, which is headquartered in St.Veit an der Glan/Carinthia, Austria is one of the leading watch producers worldwide. Although the company has been around for less than 50 years, they have made a name for themselves in the watchmaking market.

The Austrian company was founded in 1975 by Alfred and Norbert Riedl and has been standing for innovation in technique and design ever since. Their unique sports collection and the new Milano collection represent the quality and fashion that is Jacques Lemans.



In 2009, Jacques Lemans made headlines as the company obtained the license of the “UEFA Champions League,” one of the world’s largest brands of international sports.


With more modern techniques, Jacques Lemans is able to produce quality watches with unique style, flair, and precision. Jacques Lemans uses only high quality materials like Japanese or Swiss automatic and quartz movements, specially hardened crystal or sapphire glass, high grade leather and solid stainless steel straps, as well as high-grade ceramic.


With the release of the new Milano series, it is easy to see that Jacques Lemans will forever be a competitor in the watch industry. With its bold new models, colors, and design variations, Milano offers a taste of true Jacques Lemans craftsmanship and quality.


Our Milano series, mainly featuring models for the Jacques Lemans Sports Collection, is the perfect mix of lifestyle and sportiness combined with classic elements,” says Alfred Riedl, CEO and owner of Jacques Lemans.

With our Milano series we offer a wide range of models, chronographs, multifunctional alarm-chronographs or the classic 3-hands models. Stunning details as a colored push-button matching the color of the watch or an elegant, slim watch-band top turn the timepieces into special accessories for ladies and gents.”


The Milano series features designs for men and women that come in a variety of colors like pink, purple, and red for her and blue, green, or black for him.


By mixing style, elegance and sportiness Jacques Lemans watches prove to be a favorite around the world. They aren’t overpriced by any stretch of the imagination, and the modern technology used to craft such fine pieces allow Jacques Lemans to maintain a standard of professionalism and fortitude against many competitors, especially in the European market where Swiss watchmaking is the gold standard. In order for Jacques Lemans to compete against such formidable opponents, they only need continue producing quality watches like the Milano.

Movado’s Ambassadors

Written by: Jason Garoutte

Movado watches represent style, simplicity, luxury, and sophistication. It’s no wonder their brand ambassadors are also stylish and sophisticated.

Some of the most successful people in today’s generation, having climbed the ladder of success (and then some), are representatives of the brand. These names include the likes of Derek Jeter, Lily Collins, and Wynton Marsalis.


Lily Collins was born in England and is most famously known for her acting career in films such as “The Blind Side,” “Priest,” and “Mirror Mirror.” What most people don’t know is that she is the daughter of legendary musician Sir Phil Collins.


Lily Collins was chosen at a young age by Chanel to wear one of their gowns at the 2007 Bal des Debutantes (a charity ball.) Her style, grace, and exquisite beauty radiate the style that is Movado.


Derek Jeter is quite possibly the most recognizable name in baseball, if not all of sports. He brings an entire new level of play to baseball and his awards prove that. He has played 18 seasons- all with the New York Yankees. In that time, he has won five World Series, been selected as an All-Star 13 times, received five Golden Glove awards, received five Silver Slugger awards, received two Hank Aaron awards, and has grasped the coveted Roberto Clemente award.


He is the all-time Yankees career leader in hits (3,304), games played (2,585), stolen bases (348), and at bats (10,551). He is also the 28th player in Major League Baseball history to accumulate 3,000 hits.


His accolades alone prove success and it’s no wonder Movado has sought after him to reflect their own level of success.



Wynton Marsalis is a celebrated Movado brand ambassador. He is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, and bandleader. Wynston has nine Grammy Awards and is the only artist to have won a Grammy in five consecutive years. In 1997 Wynton Marsalis became the first jazz musician ever to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music for his epic oratorio “Blood on the Fields.”


In 1987 Wynton Marsalis co-founded a jazz program at Lincoln Center and in July 1996, due to its remarkable success, Jazz at Lincoln Center was installed as a new constituent of Lincoln Center, the renowned arts organization of which Movado is a long standing sponsor and proud supporter.


Movado brings a new class of elegance and success to its fine watchmaking which is understandably why these ambassadors and few others can only be represented by such a remarkable company.

Vintage Watches at Miami Antique Show

Written by: K. Amanuel


The Original Miami Beach Antique Show, which is the world’s largest indoor antique show returned to the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach on January 31st 2013 and lasted until February 4th. The appraisal day was held in the afternoon on Saturday, February 4th from noon to 6:00 p.m. This show is one of the biggest antique and art shows in the country and known across the globe. The event gathers hundreds of established dealers and vintage watch collectors from different countries with various items, which include exquisite and timeless watches. During the most recent show, each show attendee was allowed to bring one item for valuation by a Worthologist – a WorthPoint subject-matter expert, who gave verbal appraisals of each item’s fair market value for free. Using the latest technology, the Worthologist gave participants insight in to the value of their antiques and gave them tips on how to best buy and sell antiques.


The show is a great avenue for watch lovers to see and purchase some really rare and cool watches. Both modern and vintage watches are abundant at the show. Vintage watches ranging from brands like Omega to Rolex could be seen. The show even attracted celebrity John MayerTwo featured exhibitors at the show are Matthew Bain and Bob Maron. Bob Maron had several Daytonas and Day-Dates. The Red Daytona 6241 is one of the vintage watches at the show. Daytona Ref. 6241 watches are known for their exotic dials and unique design and style. One watch on display was the Ultra black gold Rolex Oyster chronograph (ref 6034). This fine stainless steel chronograph wristwatch has luminous hands and hour and minute markers with outer telemeter and tachymeter scales and three subsidiary dials for constant seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours registers. Several other vintage watches could be seen at the show, including a beautiful Monobloc 3525. The rare stainless steel chronograph with circular case had a striking dial with two subsidiary dials indicating constant seconds and 30 minutes register. Another watch was a rare Rolex Milgauss with flat bezel (US only). This Rolex sports model (ref 6541) in unique in design and the movement was specially made for this reference with antimagnetic cover on top to protect it.


Other collector watches seen at the show include a Hans Wilsdorf Geneva, Rolex chronograph with perforated vintage racing straps, Blue Prototype Rolex Cosmograph and vintage AP triple date + the 3970P on canvas strap. There were many timepieces from major vintage dealers with rare dial and reference configurations. As in the previous year, this year’s show seems to have been a hit as people continue to hunt for rare and beautiful treasures.


For more information on Miami Antique Show, please visit

Sparkling Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Written by Kidist Amanuel


Valentine’s Day 2013 is fast approaching and some of you might be scrambling for last minute gift ideas for the special lady in your life. Well, Movado’s modern ceramic watch might just be what you are looking for. The Movado Cerena comes in a beautiful sleek white or a smoky lilac ceramic and stainless steel with sparkling diamond hour markers, and either one will make the perfect gift.


Movado is a renowned watch company whose name denotes “always in motion” and started back in 1881 in La Chaux-de-faunds, Switzerland. Movado Digital Watch was later introduced in 1930. The innovative spirit of the brand has kept it as one of the top names in the world and it continues to produce beautiful watches to this day. Currently, Movado watches use both quartz and mechanical movements in their timepieces and market other luxury watch brands like Coach, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste.


There are four different models in the Cerena collection, two (diamond versions) retail for $1295, while the ones without the gemstone retail for $995. Below is the four versions of the Cerena collection.


Women’s Cerena watch

  1. SKU: 0606553: Case – 36 mm diameter; Case material – smoky lilac ceramic and stainless steel; Dial – smoky lilac 3-hand with matching flat dot/applied markers/ silver-toned skeleton dauphine hands/minute track/round date display; Strap – smoky lilac ceramic/ stainless steel link bracelet with deployment clasp; Crystal Material – Sapphire; Movement – Swiss quartz movement; Water resistant to 3 ATM; Price – $995
  2. SKU: 0606554: Case – 36 mm diameter; Case material – smoky lilac
  3. 1310680_fpxceramic and stainless steel; Dial – smoky lilac 3-hand dial with matching flat dot, 10 diamond markers (0.065 t.c.w.)/silver-toned skeleton dauphine hands, minute track, round date display; Strap – smoky lilac ceramic, stainless steel link bracelet with deployment clasp; Crystal Material – Sapphire; Movement – Swiss quartz; Water resistant to 3 ATM; Price – $1295
  4. SKU: 060539: Case – 36 mm diameter; Case material – white ceramic and stainless steel case; Dial – white 3-hand dial with matching flat dot and applied markers, silver-toned skeleton dauphine hands, minute track and round date display; Strap – white ceramic, stainless steel link bracelet with deployment clasp; Crystal Material – Sapphire; Movement – Swiss quartz; Water resistant to 3 ATM; Price – $995
  5. SKU: 0606540: Case – 36 mm diameter; Case material – white ceramic and stainless steel case; Dial – white 3-hand dial with matching flat dot,10 diamond markers (0.065 t.c.w.), silver-toned skeleton dauphine hands, minute track and round date display; Strap – white ceramic, stainless steel link bracelet with deployment clasp; Crystal Material – Sapphire; Movement – Swiss quartz; Water resistant to 3 ATM; Price – $1295

Raymond Weil & Facebook

The current Raymond Weil website proudly features a watch from their current selection, the Maestro Masterpiece Collection.  Complete with swirling sheets of music, consumers can nearly hear the time sing from the pictures alone.
That is not, however, what visitors to this site would have seen on February 4th.  In a salute to Facebook, the watch company redirected all those who entered their site to their brand’s Facebook page instead. This unusual move was in celebration of Facebook’s 9th birthday, and honored the marketing partnership Raymond Weil has forged with this social media company.



Raymond Weil and Facebook have worked together to create a brand marketing tool that revisits and rejuvenates all assumptions surrounding usual uses for social media.  Complete with photos, a Valentine’s Day contest and store locator, these two companies took the page one step further with the Watch Finder.  On a site all about customization and creating a space that is a reflection of one’s self, Raymond Weil’s Facebook page now offers the ability to find your own perfect watch without ever leaving that favorite social site.  Dozens of their finest timepieces lay on display, waiting for visitors to select and specify to find a watch–or two–to exactly match their individual style.  And if anyone should wish to delve even deeper into the options offered by these luxury watch makers, they are a mere click away from the usual glory of the Raymond Weil site.
This bold and brilliant marketing move hoped to inspire watch lovers to engage with the brand in a new and different way, exploring their options in a fresh setting with a unique backdrop.  Although today visiting Raymond Weil’s site will return visitors to the dazzle of the watches separate from Facebook blue, there still lies a page with exciting things to see from one of the top luxury watch brands of the day.  Happy Birthday to Facebook and three cheers to Raymond Weil.


For more info:

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

A Perfect Piece for Your Valentine: Charms Extraordinaire Collection by Van Cleef & Arpels

To help you warm up for the arrival of Spring, Van Cleef and Arpels has created the breathtaking and fantastical Charms Extraordinaire Collection. This collection of four watches gives you the opportunity to pick the perfect piece that will adorn your partner’s wrist this Valentine’s Day. Every watch in this collection is completed by hand through engraving, painting or enameling. And each one is also finished off by three rows of jewels – namely diamonds – on the bezel. There is no better way to tell your Valentine how beautiful she is than a watch from the Charms Extraordinaire Collection.



The first watch is the ‘Muguet,’ a fairy with a butterfly sitting on her fingertips. The dial she is painted onto is made of Mother of Pearl, the iridescence playing nicely off the white gold case. The Fairy wears a skirt of diamonds and is surrounded by Lily of the Valley. The 38mm case is circled by diamonds and yellow sapphires with a white gold and diamond butterfly charm gently dangling from the side. Muguet has a bold green band that will compliment any skin tone.


RTEmagicC_13_0125_VCA_08.jpgVan Cleef and Arpels’ second watch in this collection is the Feerie Dandelion. As the name states, it is composed of a fairy sitting in a field of gold and diamond dandelions. The fairy has a diamond face with beautifully enameled wings. Another 38mm white gold case, the face is surrounded by diamonds and sapphire with a pink leather band. Another dandelion composed of diamonds and gold hangs from the right side of the case.






Another flower of spring is the Lotus, which is the third watch in the Charms Extraordinaire Collection. The Lotus flower is created by champlevé: an extremely intricate form of enameling that includes hand painting as well. The effect is that of stained glass. The colors are immaculate and are well complimented by the pink band, diamonds, sapphires and tourmalines. The Lotus watch is a bit smaller with a 32mm case and has a lovely Lotus diamond charm with white gold.







The last watch in this collection is the Hirondelles. This watch represents spring more than the rest with two swallows on the face. One swallow sits on a branch while another is flying in the sky. Diamonds adorn the chest. There is a field of light orange and pink flowers beneath them. The watch almost begins to look like a beautiful sunset with the 32mm pink gold case surrounded by purple and pink sapphires and diamonds. There is a leather purple band to buckle around your wrist and a pink gold flower charm with diamonds.






The Charms Extraordinaire Collection was first released in 2008 and these four watches only add to its brilliance. Each watch has standard Swiss Quartz Movement, so there will be no need to worry about winding the watch.  The quality of the watch, along with the appearance, make it  a piece any woman would love to wear. The Muguet, Feerie Dandelion, Lotus and Hirondelles are, in fact, beautiful workmanships of art that will only compliment the beauty of your date this Valentine’s.






Written By: Stacy McCullough