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From Divers to Dolphins

The bold tribute to disappeared Baiji dolphins.
The bold tribute to disappeared Baiji dolphins from Prometheus Watches.

Created tough and built to last, the Prometheus Baiji Diver Watch takes on a new level of responsibility and proves the brand’s success in continuing to reach new “depths” in quality.

Along with the “come to conquer” vibe found in many watches favored by those braving the unknown deep, there is a sentimental tribute at the heart of this diving watch.  The Baiji dophin was a freshwater dolphin formerly found in the Yangtze River in China.  However, due to man’s pollution, this creature is now extinct.  Saluting this animal’s memory in a quality diving watch seems to send the message that man can still engage in all his favorite water related activities, but the well-being of his fellow creatures must not be ignored.

There are several different versions of this watch, featuring either a deep black, creamy white or vibrant orange face, changing the style just enough to personalize the particular feel of your own timepiece.  Either color can be accompanied by a stainless steel or Black PVD coating.  The saphire glass coating strengthens the watch for wherever you take it.  Even down to 300 meters under water, where the watch reaches its maximum resistance point, this piece shines with possibilities.  Well, and with the 12 Swiss made tritium tubes it contains.  These tubes use innovative technology to emit light even in total darkness scenarios.  It does not even require an initial charge like some lesser watch models, allowing full knowledge of time no matter how dark one’s surroundings are.

Electing to use a highly proven movement designed by Seagull, Prometheus watches first had the piece thoroughly tested by independent parties before the ST2130 became the driving force of the timepiece.  This demonstrates just one more dedicated step this luxury brand has taken to improve overall quality in their watches, and to reinforce the positive message put forward by this particular one.

The simple final touch in this celebration of diving, quality timepieces and the Baiji dolphin, is the laser engraved shape of that same disappeared dolphin, pledging their species to memory and to at least one group of loyal sympathizers.

An engraving of the Baiji dolphin on the watch's case back commemorates the extinct species.
An engraving of the Baiji dolphin on the watch’s case back commemorates the extinct species.

Down to the depths or out on the town, this fine watch will serve you well wherever you go, and always in exceptional style.

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

A Gentleman’s Watch in a Gentleman’s Game

David Lynn Becomes Ambassador of Ritmo Mundo

Ritmo Mundo watches bear a name literally translating to “rhythm of the earth” in Italian, and between their three iconic lines has proudly provided watches for any modern lifestyle.  An especial favorite among celebrities, this brand has held the title of official watch for the Indy Car Series, Ocean’s 12 & 13 movie franchise as well as HBO’s “Entourage” and “Sex & the City” series.  2012 television featured the pieces in shows like ABC’s “Bachelor and MTV’s “Caged”.  Between the high caliber of these watches and the irresistible style, Ritmo Mundo watches have never been far from the public eye.

Now they have found the perfect icon with both famous and professional status to best represent their brand.  Stepping out to proudly ambassador their timepieces is British professional golfer David Lynn.  Lynn has been a professional golfer since 1995 at the age of 25 and made his mark on the golf world by making The European Tour’s Top 90 list for 13 consecutive years.  After finishing as runner-up in the 2012 U.S. PGA Championship, only his second career Major appearance, Lynn decided to compete in the PGA Tour in 2013.  Now he will take his rising career and the perfect watch to play in all four Major Championship tournaments.

Featuring a page on their main site devoted to pictures of celebrities wearing Ritmo Mundo watches, there were likely no shortage of fans willing to bear this brand.  The final selection of golfer Lynn demonstrates a desire to invest in a serious level of skill and sportsmanship.  More than just a public figure, shows a depth of expertise in his field that can be admired and aspired to, along with a clear appreciation for quality design and fashion.

The Facebook page of Ritmo Mundo proudly announced this partnership made on the course, with a statement from President of Ritmo Mundo Time Group, Ali Soltani.  “I’ve always wanted to expose the Ritmo Mundo brand to the world of golf.”  There is perhaps no better place for this gentleman’s watch than

a prime position in the gentleman’s game.  Lynn responds his excitement at working with the team, and quotes, “With Ritmo in my corner, I can rest assured that I will never miss my tee time.”

The brand with the perfect blend of Italian style and classic Swiss artistry has only furthered and deepened its merit by linking their timeless timekeepers to David Lynn’s suave British charm, classy professionalism and determination.

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

Peek at the Monaco Full Black-ACM Calibre 12

If you like your chronographs square and your watches full of flair, the Monaco Full Black- ACM Calibre 12, by TAG Heuer, should be at the top of your list for the most anticipated finds of 2013.

The second in the ACM Monaco line, the Monaco Full Black follows closely on the heels of its predecessor, introduced in 2012.  Sleek angled and gleaming from a standard stainless steel case, silvered dashes reach beyond the dial to suggest a broader and bolder feel, not contained by its physical state, perhaps mirrored in the abstract that it measures: time.

Taking the orange highlighted in the first edition and muting it to a single dash on the seconds hand, the Monaco Full Black ACM Calibre 12 appears as slightly more grand and sophisticated model.  Pulling silver, black and white together in a classicly updated design, this timepiece easily portrays itself and its wearer as on the cutting edge of not just fashion, but of life.  The shining hands streak across the face in a slash of lightning like allure, bringing an intensity and urgency to the immovable march of time.

Dashing Entry of TAG Heuer New Favorite Chonograph
Dashing Entry of TAG Heuer New Favorite Chonograph

TAG Heuer has ensured in the soft alligator strap an added dash of texture needed in this otherwise smooth surfaced masterpiece.   This functions as well to provide extraordinary comfort even in the height of fashion.  Resistant to water, extreme temperature and external environment, the sturdiness of this piece is incomparable.   The robustness, precision and integrity of all TAG Heuer watches undergo thorough testing under extreme conditions to obtain a guarantee that they are both safe to wear and to be worn when out and about.

Not set to be officially introduced until May at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, there is plenty of time to anticipate this outstanding Swiss creation, and to decide how best to debut your very own at the peak of the season.  A beautiful looking watch, the Monaco Full Black will surely exceed expectations of chronographs and rises to a class all its own.

Written by Lindsey K. Cook